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Not Your Dad’s Hardware Store, 48 locks for Jail?


BAYBORO – The Pamlico County Commissioners were a bit shell-shocked Monday night after Sheriff Chris Davis and County Manager Tim Buck brought the bad news – not just from left field. This quote might well have come from another Galaxy!…

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She Can Shoot!

Gun Ownership Among Women Growing Fast

By Stephen Gutowski | Editor’s note: Discourse Magazine is an online publication produced by the Mercatus Center of George Mason University in Arlington, Va. Robyn Sandoval is seeing a sea change at the gun range: The executive director of…

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Case For Arming Teachers

By R. Alan Harrop, Ph.D Editor’s note: Mr. Harrop resides in our area, and is a regular contributor to this newspaper.  The tragedy this past week in Uvalde, Texas, calls for a reassessment of student and teacher protection. This incident…

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Part 3 of 4: ‘It’s the System, Stupid!’

Milking ‘The Grid’ for all it’s worth

Editor’s note: A former engineer with Motorola, Mr. Allison is a frequent contributor to this newspaper. As electric vehicles, 5G Internet, and cyber-currencies proliferate, Allison explains how utilities must adapt in order to accommodate increasing demands upon The Grid. USA…

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Third in a three-part series:

Electric Vehicle future not quite ready for ‘prime time’

By Dexter Liu ‘Thermal runaway’ is a dangerous condition unique to lithium-ion batteries. Overheating can end up in a catastrophic fire. “Battery fires, what consumers should know,” a Forbes article published September 16, 2021, revealed that while the EV manufacturers’…

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Intricacies of historic City Hall require pricey and unique elevator design

NEW BERN – Elected officials voted unanimously Tuesday night to finance a $4 million elevator project, which includes a host of related improvements, in order to bring this venerable building into compliance regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act. Although four…

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Second in a Three-Part Series:

Beware ‘thermal runaway’ in EV battery fires

By Dexter Liu USA – Did anyone tell you — should you be contemplating buying an Electric Vehicle — that, NO, you are not saving the planet any more or less than if you continued to drive that gasoline car?…

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First in a Three-Part Series:

Electric Transportation Unreliable Future?

Gas-n-Go vs. Recharge of EV By Dexter Liu Editor’s note: A regular contributor to this newspaper, Mr. Liu holds multiple patents and is well-qualified to tackle this complex subject. USA – Those considering buying an electric vehicle (EV) should do…

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