Intricacies of historic City Hall require pricey and unique elevator design

NEW BERN – Elected officials voted unanimously Tuesday night to finance a $4 million elevator project, which includes a host of related improvements, in order to bring this venerable building into compliance regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act. Although four area banks were contacted, only one – Truist Bank – replied with a formal proposal.

Exactly $3.9 million will be financed over 15 years at a 2.86% annual APR. In late February of this year, bids were opened from four different contractors. Goldsboro-based Daniels and Daniels Construction Company submitted the winning figure “which significantly exceeded our architect’s estimated budget of $2,160,000,” wrote City Manager Foster Hughes, in a memo to the seven-member Board of Aldermen.

On Wednesday morning, this newspaper called and emailed Jeremiah Daniels, an executive with Daniels and Daniels Construction. In that correspondence, we inquired about some of the most challenging tasks involved in the retro-fit of an historic structure like New Bern’s City Hall. By the early evening deadline of the County Compass, we had not heard from the company.