THE GRID: More fragile than you know!

Special to the County Compass, September 27, 2016

Essential to our lives, yet vulnerable to nature, terrorist threats By Gordon Allison, Jr. \ News Analyst Part 3 in a series NEW YORK CITY – First, let’s address the situation in New York and New Jersey this past weekend. Pipe bombs were planted and exploded in several places. We know now it was a terrorist attack. However, there have been times the power transformers used on the Grid have exploded with enormous bangs on their own. On Oct. 29, 2012, Hurricane Sandy hit New York an...
Oct. 6 forum features ‘Battle of the Titans’

Jeff Aydelette, September 23, 2016

ELIZABETH CITY – In this neck of the North Carolina woods, the election for state Senate District 1 is shaping up to be a mega-contest – that might rival McCrory vs. Cooper, or even Trump vs. Hillary. Of course, we’re referring to the seat currently held by conservative Republican Bill Cook, who is facing an energetic challenge from Democrat Brownie Futrell, former owner/publisher of the Washington Daily News. An Oct. 6 event at the Pasquotank County Courthouse, labeled a ‘Candida...
Immigration speakers pull large crowd in downtown New Bern

Jeff Aydelette, September 22, 2016

NEW BERN – A mostly white, mostly senior, and entirely conservative audience gathered Tuesday night in the Stanly Hall Ballroom for a bleak assessment of what almost unbridled legal – and illegal – immigration has done to the country over the past three decades. Jim Robb, V.P. of Operations for Washington, D.C. based Numbers USA brought plenty of staggering statistics: In 1990, North Carolina had 47,000 immigrants. Today, the figure is 1.4 million, and growing at a whopping 30 times fa...
Tillis: ‘End The Red Wolf Recovery Program’

The County Compass, September 21, 2016

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Wednesday, Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC) attended and spoke at a House Committee on Natural Resources oversight hearing on the status of the federal government’s management of wolves. Tillis called for the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) to formally end its Red Wolf Recovery Program in North Carolina. Since it was created 30 years ago, the Red Wolf Recovery Program has failed to meet population recovery goals for the red wolf while negatively affecting ...
Attention Nonprofits! Apply now!

The County Compass, September 21, 2016

Pope Foundation to award dual grants of $100K each RALEIGH -- The John William Pope Foundation announced this week that it would again offer two statewide competitive grants. North Carolina nonprofits can apply for the 2017 Joy Pope Memorial Grant in the Arts and the 2017 Joy Pope Memorial Grant in Human Services until October 17, 2016. The foundation will award $100,000, for each grant, to a selected nonprofit for an innovative project that will be completed in 2017. Interested organi...
Nation’s ‘GRID’ vulnerable to attack

Special to the County Compass, September 20, 2016

Small bombs, strategically placed, could wreak havoc for years! By Gordon Allison, Jr. | News Analyst Part 2 in a series SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- In April of 2013, snipers pumped some 100 shots into 17 high power transformers at a substation here. The attack took less than 20 minutes. Some 52,000 gallons of high dielectric transformer oil were spilled. What we don’t know is whether the snipers were practicing for a terrorist event or just causing harm and mayhem. Three years later there ...
Election bigwigs overrule Pamlico County

Special to the County Compass, September 16, 2016

Move forces more ‘Early Voting’ By David Cox RALEIGH -- Last Thursday, at the State Board of Elections hearing on 33 early voting plans proposed by minority members of county boards of election, the state board rejected extreme reductions in early voting adopted by some county boards. Among state board actions was approval of the plan for Pamlico County submitted by the Democratic member, Delcine Gibbs. The board also adopted the minority plan for Craven County, which included Sunday vo...
One man can fight the federal bureaucracy!

The County Compass, September 16, 2016

Large N.C. landowner Jett Ferebee slugs it out with Red Wolf policy makers Editor’s note:  In a departure from normal bureaucratic mumbo-jumbo, a 200-page report released this week, titled ‘Red Wolf Recovery Team Recommendations,’ contains a fascinating section. Appendix G features candid, verbatim give-and-take among opponents of the Red Wolf Program – led by Jett Ferebee who owns a large tract in Northeastern North Carolina – and proponents of the program, which include feder...

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