Not Your Dad’s Hardware Store, 48 locks for Jail?


BAYBORO – The Pamlico County Commissioners were a bit shell-shocked Monday night after Sheriff Chris Davis and County Manager Tim Buck brought the bad news – not just from left field. This quote might well have come from another Galaxy! As you would expect, the locks are very, very nice – sleek, high-tech, and extremely secure. Here is the manufacturer’s description:

The Wedge. In response to the problem of savvy inmates defeating aging swing door locks, Willo Products has designed a more secure surface-mounted lock pocket.The Willo Wedge introduces the patented Gripper and Tamper Alarm to counter the many ways you see your locks being defeated.

The board’s unanimous vote to approve fancy locks came on the heels of an OKAY granted to a pair of more mundane (and down-to-earth) county projects: 1) Paving an access road and parking lot for Alliance Recreation Park –$108,000. 2) Cost to completely replace a pier (destroyed by Hurricane Florence) at Styron Town Park, near Oriental – $156,000.