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Woke Doesn’t Mean Broke at UNC

By Adam Andrzejewski | Editor’s note: Mr. Andrzejewski and his staff are tenacious researchers. The County Compass is indebted to them for this report. CHAPEL HILL – The University of North Carolina’s 16 campuses spend no less than $90 million per year in pay and benefits on no fewer than 686 staffers under the “diversity, equity and inclusion” (DEI) umbrella. On Thursday, May 23, the system’s governing board may end the controversial program that institutionalizes bias and prejudice based on neo-Marxist principles and falsehoods. Our audit team at

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‘Floating Cities’ help duo hone electrical skills for any vessel

Whortonsville Residents Leery of Undergrowth Control

American Airlines offers six new daily flights at airport

In the ‘bow thruster’ area, the father/son duo intentionally tripped ‘a mystery breaker’

To diagnose this Ship’s pesky problems? Improvise (and hold your breath!)

Jeff Fleming (hidden but wearing blue shirt) is next to Igor (bald guy), who is working on a heater for the ship’s freezer door. Igor is from Ukraine and had photos, sent by a friend, of his apartment building where one side of the structure had been blown off from the war. In foreground, is a smiling gentleman known as Piasan -- apparently amused by the confluence of laborers.

12 Volt Marine Confronts 680 Volts

The Riggs operate from a Hwy 55 location near Oriental.

Precision Metal Cutting Uses Laser Technology

CarolinaEast Hospital forced to borrow $45 million

USA Fiddles Away Status as Reserve Currency

Joan Leary retires from Town of Bayboro

Old Theater Visionary Bids Farewell

Grant Preparation Workshop for Area Nonprofits

Historic ‘Maola Center’ Emerges as Ideal Venue for Antique Show

Not Your Dad’s Liquor Store
Area’s Newest ABC to Rock!

From left, Paul Brown, general manager of the Craven County ABC Board; and, Chip Chagnon, ABC Board Chairman, flank some large, newly installed shelving.

New Liquor Store to Pull From Bridgeton & Fairfield Harbour

Money in place as Industrial Park for Aurora takes shape

Pamlico Pharmacy becomes Realo Drugs in Grantsboro

Landmark Day For Craven County Alcohol Beverage Control Board

NC-based First Citizens Bank acquires remnants of Silicon Valley Bank SHOCKER !! Former SVB branches already doing business as First Citizens

Good Golly, Miss Molly !!

Even more millions to be poured on U.S. 70 in Craven County

A word from Consulting Hut, as tax season approaches!

Mike’s Fine Jewelers | Customers embrace new location

Hardest Exercise? Opening the Gym Door!

Resiliency & Recovery returns to Convention Center

TeamGreen Bible Bookstore inspired by Pastor Elizabeth Green

The New Outreach Deliverance Ministry

County raids piggy bank by $2.1 million to balance budget

FDA: Are You Insane??

For God’s Sake, Don’t OK Big Pharma’s Vaxx for Babies!

Home Care – A Growth Industry!

Intricacies of historic City Hall require pricey and unique elevator design

Massive Embezzlement

Half million $$$ scheme. Woman pleads guilty, gets 5 years