Meter for home use first line of defense as 5G radiation ramps up

By Rick Happ

I wish to thank Gordon Allison for the informative articles regarding possible health problems from the recent barrage of modern wireless communication devices.  The lawsuits detailed could be significant and I look forward to reading about any court decisions in future issues of the County Compass.

For those who are personally concerned about their health from this RF radiation, I recommend measuring their home radiation levels using a quality RF meter.  Work and school measurements are also often enlightening.  We are fortunate in this area to have at our local library an Acoustimeter available for any adult to checkout and use.  The meter can be easily checked out using your personal Library Card from either the Pamlico or Craven County Library.

The Acoustimeter is very versatile and easy to use.  It displays RF measurements with LED ladder displays and also shows precise readings on an LCD screen.

The Acoustimeter also presents measurements with an audio signal to allow the user to easily move around rooms and outside areas without having to constantly look at the meter.  It measures the peak and average readings at the same time.  The meter measures RF frequencies from 200 MHz to 8 GHz and is accurate enough to be used for those with severe hypersensitivity.  If guidance in this endeavor is needed, feel free to contact Gordan Allison or myself through the County Compass.

Unfortunately, higher frequencies of radiation will be upon most everyone with the new 5G networks.  The energy from an electromagnetic wave is proportional to its frequency and thus, the potential for even greater harm from cell phones.  Furthermore, the U.S. has not changed its power level restrictions for these new transmitting devices, now operating in frequencies far into the GHz range.  The U.S. allows power levels 100 to 1000 times higher than most other developed nations.

And making matters worse, is the fact that most cell phones sold in the US emit RF radiation  much higher than FCC allowed levels.  Two years ago, The Chicago Tribune tested popular cellphones used in the US market.  The tests were paid for by the Tribune and conducted according to Federal guidelines at an accredited lab. The results are alarming:

ì The four iPhone 7s tested at 2 millimeters produced results twice the safety standard. The iPhone 8 measured three times over; the Moto e5 Play from Motorola measured quadruple the standard.

And the Samsung Galaxy phones? All three measured at more than twice the standard, with the Galaxy S8 registering 8.22 W/kg ó five times the standard.î

Chicago Tribune, August 21, 2019

Thousands of new satellites in low earth orbit will soon be sending and receiving these high Ghz frequencies ñ all paid for by ìWe the Peopleî by taxes that were hidden on our phone bills over the last few years.  ìThe U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has been socking-away for a decade about $1.8 billion per year from you and me, saving-up to pay for expansions of rural telephony and broadband. There is now about $16 billion in this federal kitty and the FCC is starting to spend it…î – R. Cringely (  This money was originally meant for down to earth, high speed, reliable, secure and harmless optical fiber and cable to homes and businesses, but somehow Elon Musk got hold of our tax dollars and Starlink received almost total funding.  One would think that our government, through our elected representatives, would keep us better informed but that is asking too much in todayís corrupt political culture.  I will save the discussion of current litigation regarding these funds for another time.  It is difficult, yet so important, for ìWe the People,î  to keep abreast of our government actions and speak out against the out of control wireless industry when necessary.