Xi Jinping loves Green Agenda as it weakens USA from within

Xi Jinping
Xi Jinping

By Gary Timco | News Analysis

WASHINGTON, DC – During a recent hearing, in a terse exchange between Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) and David Turk, Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Energy Department, Senator Kennedy asked Turk what the transition to ‘clean carbon-free energy’ would cost. Turk could not give an immediate answer, but he finally admitted to a very high figure of $50 Trillion plus! The kicker came when the Senator asked Turk how much global temperatures be reduced if this vast sum were spent. Turk could not answer this simple question!

 The Climate Change hysteria is driven by a group of zealots with the main players coming out of the United Nations Climate Accord. Dr. Jerome Corsi in his recently published book, The Truth about Energy, Global Warming, and Climate Change, is a definitive source contending Climate Science is NOT settled. Corsi displays a deep understanding of energy and climate science, the mathematics of weather, and the politics of the proposed radical “Green New Deal.”  

In a recent Epoch Times article, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (lawyer, writer, now presidential candidate) states that Climate Change is being exploited to push “Totalitarian Controls.”  This whole movement is not about saving the planet but is about the United Nations goal of transferring wealth from the Western Nations to the less developed Nations and even demanding “Climate Reparations.”

RFK, Jr. contends climate alarmists want to strip mine the wealth of the middle class to enrich billionaires like Bill Gates, Devos crowd and the key U.N. climate Marxists.  Even President Biden has sent one billion dollars of our tax payer’s money to the U.N. Global Climate fund to enable rat hole countries to go “carbon-neutral.”  Again, aman cannot cause climate change and to believe this is pure fantasy. China is a signatory country to the U.N. Green Agenda, and yet they are building dirty coal plants at the rate of one every week!

Senator Tom Cotton recently released an 80-page report to guide the U.S. into decoupling from China, which includes key areas such as technology and also to restore domestic manufacturing capacity in critical fields. Our trade surplus with China is in excess of $550 billion per year, which provides them with hard U.S. currency used to build up their military and other key industries.  As a result, China now has a larger advanced Navy than the U.S. and it is expected that by 2025, according to General Minihan, we will be at war over Taiwan. A recent “war simulation”  revealed the U.S. would lose any war with China over the fate of Taiwan. Our currency is also under attack by various Nations who have signed multi-lateral trade agreements to trade outside of the “Petro dollar.”  The questions we might ask are: Why does Duke Energy support China by purchasing solar panels and wind turbines for energy farms, all in the name of unproven climate change?  Why, Duke,  are you arming our enemies?

 The biggest winner in this Green Agenda morass is not the climate radicals, American leftists, woke asset managers, or even Joe Biden!  It is CHINA!  The ESG (with E standing for environment) is funded and supported by Chinese firms and the Chinese Communist Party, who wish to weaken America from within. You might ask yourself, how are they achieving this?

 (1)  Attempting to shut down access to America’s vast natural resources, making us dependent on their rare earth minerals, i.e. lithium, cobalt, nickel and others to build Solar Panels and Wind Turbines, (products with limited life spans)

(2)  Recreating their social credit system for American businesses, which prioritizes politics over profitability.

(3)  Widening the division among Americans by injecting “woke” politics into every facet of American life.  Exposing China’s ESG Agenda should be job one! Remember that ESG is actually Socialism/Marxism with a flowery name.

It is imperative –  as Senator Cotton states –  that the United States must wake up.  This includes the politicians of North Carolina.  These are our State Representatives, Governor Cooper, and the North Carolina Utilities Commission.  Supporting a Chinese energy supply change will not allow us to remain free and to keep our energy costs low. Again, all the evidence supports a direction by Governor Cooper to go GREEN will have immense consequences not only with unreliable high-cost wind and solar but a tremendous burden on our weak electricity transmission system,  which includes our “Bulk Transformers”.

The U.N. Climate Agenda is all about control and the three key players at the U.N. are all from Socialist or Communist regimes, which includes the U.N. Secretary General (from Portugal), who has been pushing this Green agenda and the ESG lie for some time.

Doing business (or following any U.N. agenda) is doing business with Communists!  We should be asking Duke Energy to de-couple from China, while spending its whopping 17% proposed rate increase to strengthen our GRID SYSTEM so that we can survive an Electromagnetic Pulse Attack.  This is our Nation’s number one threat, not man-made Global Warming!  Even our own State Treasurer, Dale Folwell, thinks that following an ESG Agenda is “Wacktivism.”

In order to understand the real threat to our way of life,  and why we must take action steps to insulate our GRID System from collapse, watch: griddownpowerup.com. It is well worth your time.   Help keep the “Lights On” by becoming a GRID WARRIOR!