DUKE: DUPED & DERANGED Kowtowing to the Communists (CHINA)

By Gary Timco

THE GRID – There has been much press within the last year about whether or not man can cause climate change (Global Warming) that will ultimately affect humanity, causing ecological and natural disasters. Missing in mainstream media is any mention of scientific research that man has little chance of affecting our natural climate system, and which supports the theory that most climate change is triggered by a number of external forces such as Solar Activity, clouds, and other natural occurrences.

Dr. Jerome Corsi in his recently published book, The Truth about Energy, Global Warming, and Climate Change, is a definitive source contending Climate Science is NOT settled. Corsi exposes climate lies in an age of media disinformation, constantly reinforced from the White House and far left leadership. President Biden’s war on fossil fuels and his goal of ‘Net-Carbon-Zero’ is without scientific merit and will lead to widespread energy inefficiency and poverty.

These policies will also destroy our manufacturing base and related industries that rely on fossil fuels. Please note that our U.S. Department of Energy Secretary is a radical environmentalist – Jennifer Granholm wants our military to be carbon free! Can you imagine our soldiers charging their EV tanks while the enemy is advancing?

Duke Energy has aligned with the radical United Nations agenda to accomplish its goal of being “carbon neutral” by 2040-50. According to John Sanders of the John Locke Foundation, Gov.  Cooper’s radical agenda of Clean Energy will ultimately lead to “rolling blackouts” due to a lack of transmission capacity and

and inadequate battery storage. Duke Energy will spend close to $900 million to accomplish this transition to Wind and Solar energy. One might ask: Where is Duke’s environmental impact statement on EV’s, Wind and Solar? In short, why would Duke Energy support this Net-Zero goal, which is unscientific and dangerous and will ultimately lead to massive energy rate hikes and disaster for our State’s population?

Editor’s note: Next week, Mr. Timco delves deeper into this morass, revealing the involvement of China’s premier, Xi Jinping