Utility considers sale | Opponents quickly rally

TOWN OF BEAUFORT —   Carteret County for Public Water is a group of concerned citizens, formed as a response to the pending sale of the now county-owned Water System. We have a common goal —  look for transparency on the potential sale.

Many citizens attended the March 15 meeting of the Carteret County Commissioners, and spoke during Public Comment in opposition.

Several Commissioners were condescending later in the meeting when discussing the public comment and made statements that they have met with us and have answered our questions. 

For two weeks, multiple citizens have reached out to several commissioners to meet and were not given the opportunity. Instead they were asked to come and speak for three minutes during public comment. For two weeks, multiple citizens have requested information and have been denied requests or not given full answers to questions. Commissioners have stated that they do not know everything about the water system and that they are just looking at bids, not selling the County Water System at this time.

Private Companies raise rates by 10 percent on average to cover costs plus make a return on investment. Private Companies charge on average around 70 percent more for water service. Private companies serve shareholders and not users. Private companies have a history of not properly maintaining water systems, causing pressure issues and dirty water. 

Citizens are asking for the following:

  • Detailed financial data and budget for the water department.
  • Special tax amount paid by the 1,200+/- parcel users and the tax amount paid by the 2,600+/- parcels that are not water users.
  • What information has been exchanged in the multiple meetings referenced on the February 15 meeting between our County manager and/or, Assistant County Manager and/or, County Attorney and/or the two private companies placing bids currently? Are there minutes available for these meetings?
  • Why were their multiple meetings held about bids without public input?
  • Why was the Presentation, discussion and vote on 2/15/21 to accept bids for the water system only three minutes?
  • Why were the only questions about the process of bids and sale and not the impacts?
  • How much rental revenue does the county receive from Verizon’s antenna on the water tank at Taylors Farm?

Carteret County For Public Water —  Website: www.CC4PW.org