UNOFFICIAL!! Single vote separates mayoral candidates

NEW BERN – Election experts say this type of micro-thin margin can go either way. It all boils down to ‘provisional’ and mail-in ballots, which are to be counted on May 25, followed two days later (on May 27) by the hoped-for certification of an accurate count. 

Some reports have put these “in limbo” ballots at a whopping 77 additional votes.  At this point, how they will break out is anyone’s guess. 

If and when the election is certified, the second place finisher has until June 2 to ask for a runoff. 

Jeff Odham, an eight-year member of the Board of Aldermen – who gave up a secure seat to run for mayor – and Toussaint Summers Jr., the former police chief of New Bern, are now poised to attract nationwide media attention. 

More on that looming firestorm in future issues of this newspaper. Stay tuned.