To avoid censors, Texas Congressman Troy Nehls vows bombshell interview will hit Congressional Record

Joe Rogan: So, first of all, thanks for coming and uh very nice tie.

Dr. Robert Malone: Thanks christmas present um actually ryan cole is the one that first got these and uh my wife has been jealous ever since so this is what I got for…

JR: Where does one get a Covid tie?

RM: I don’t know she looked it up on on amazon or some place and and found it

JR: you gotta love how industrious some of these folks are they’re just you know they find a niche like I know what I wanna sell: Covid ties and there you go.

RM: I gotta I gotta have a tux for an event that’s coming up in texas in a couple of months and so my wife is writing to the guy that does the ties and to see if he can make a bow tie that’s got the virus on it

JR: are you uh I mean are you tired of this…

RM: tired

JR: …dealing with this do you feel a duty to talk about this like we should just say uh because uh historically we should just state what’s happening here so today is the 20 no the 30th of december and yesterday you were kicked off twitter correct

RM: true

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