The New Outreach Deliverance Ministry

Pastor Elizabeth Green

By Bernadette King

Bernadette King (the author of this report) models a T-shirt from
The New Outreach Deliverance Ministry, which often uses the abbreviation
TNODM as a type of quick nickname.

NEW BERN – The New Outreach Deliverance Ministry was started in 2003 by Pastor Elizabeth Green. I first met her, and her faithful friend Patricia Davis, along with James Gurganus when I stopped in during 2008.

I was there to help a friend, and had heard that Pastor Green was providing food, clothing, and spiritual counseling to people in Craven, Pamlico, and Jones Counties.

Three years later, after Hurricane Irene struck in 2011, Pastor Green provided food to over 200 families. The New Outreach Deliverance Ministry also does Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway to families from all three counties. On the first Friday of each month, the Ministry provides food to families in cooperation with the Food Bank of Eastern North Carolina!

A sign on the ministry building at 1118 S. Glenburnie Drive in New Bern promotes the monthly Food Truck and other activities

Take it from me, there was a spirit about Pastor Green that kept people coming in just to talk or pray. I found myself coming back and volunteering. Unfortunately, we lost her two years ago. However, Pastor Green’s daughter, Apostle Gwendolyn Gibbs, had her Love Ministry Church right next door! 

Apostle Gibbs promptly picked up the reins to continue her mother’s dream of providing  food and counseling (minus a clothing aspect).

I am happy to say that I am still here, continuing my support, and still feeling that incredible spirit originally inspired by Pastor Green. Please look for future articles where I will report on the multi-faceted outreach efforts now directed by Apostle Gibbs.