Scheme to allow vote for 800,000 non-citizens rebuffed in New York City

(We all remember how our 2020 election was blemish-free!!)

WASHINGTON,DC Monday, a New York City court struck down a Democrats’ obscene scheme that would allow over 800,000 non-citizens to vote in New York City elections. Ronna McDaniel, Chairwoman of the Republican National Committee, released the following statement:

“This ruling is a huge victory for election integrity and the rule of law: American elections should be decided by American citizens. The RNC is proud to head a broad coalition in successfully challenging this unconstitutional scheme and will continue to lead the effort across the country to ensure only citizens can vote in America’s elections.”


  • In January, the Republican National Committee sued NYC Mayor Eric Adams, the New York City Council, and the New York City Board of Elections for illegally allowing non-citizens to vote in city elections.

  • The RNC won on all three of its claims: The court ruled that the law violated the state constitution, which requires voters be citizens as well as New York election statutes and the state’s Municipal Home Rule Law.

  • Allowing foreign citizens to decide American elections is a blatant attack on election integrity and violates the state constitution. which requires New York voters to be U.S. citizens.

  • The suit also raises important concerns about how the law will be implemented and whether non-citizens will end up on the same voter registration list used for state-level and federal elections.

  • The RNC has also sued the cities of Montpelier and Winooski in Vermont for state legislation illegally allowing non-citizens to vote in those towns’ elections. The RNC is engaged in efforts in Arizona and elsewhere to ensure only citizens can vote in our elections.

View the 13-page court decision here: