Recovery Coalition
Recent Happenings & Future Plans

In the summer of 2022, a Duke Grant enabled four of their students to spend 9 weeks surveying damaged homes that were completed by the Pamlico County Disaster Recovery Coalition. They assisted clients to sign up for CODE RED Mobile Alert, health issues such as mold exposure, and other needs. It was determined that many homes had mold in areas not seen when repairs were done, which caused some health issues for the family. It was determined that many homes had pre-existing damage from deferred maintenance.

Pamlico County has many senior residents on fixed incomes that are unable to afford repairs. These deferred repairs become major damage when a hurricane or big storm moves through the area. The Coalition is searching for funding that will enable volunteers to come in and make these repairs before they turn into major damage. A group known as the Pamlico County Volunteer Brigade has a dedicated team of Rotarians who are methodically fixing one house at a time as an ongoing commitment. It is great when local help offers help locally!

This summer, three more Duke students will be coming to the county to help start a program to work on mold eradication. To assist with that effort, the Methodist Conference is lending the Coalition a ‘Mold Trailer’ to spray for mold. Craven Community College has a course to teach volunteers how to use the Mold Trailer.

Formation of ‘Coastal Carolina for Response and Resilience’

In March, The United Way of Coastal Carolina called a meeting with Chairs from Craven, Carteret, Jones, and Pamlico County Long Term Recovery Groups (LTRG) to combine the four county recovery groups. Together they will be able to apply for larger funding grants that individual LTRGs could not obtain by themselves. The group has been working on incorporation papers to become a 501c (3) non-profit organization. Through this group, known as ‘CCARES,’ more attention to financial matters and clout can be obtained from our elected Representatives. Larger grants could be applied for and split between the four counties. Materials and supplies from federal and state organizations could be warehoused regionally to be used by all 4 LTRGs.

In June, 30 young people with skilled leaders are coming from Michigan’s World Renew Disaster Organization to help complete repairs on one of the homes currently waiting for more volunteer work. Another volunteer group is coming in August. The Coalition is seeking funding to remain active year around, assisting our residents to be better prepared for the next disaster with home maintenance completed, and mold in the homes eradicated.

Again, check out our website to see how you can BE INFORMED and PREPARED for the next disaster: