Lt. Gov. implores GOP:

‘Do Not Be Afraid, God Is On Our Side!’

Lt. Governor Mark Robinson was the featured speaker Friday night, April 9, at a large gathering in New Bern.

NEW BERN – More than 250 of the Party faithful were regaled last Friday evening by Mark Robinson – the state’s highest ranking black politician – who threw lightning bolts intended to impale some of the Democratic Party’s most sacred cows. 

Robinson succeeded!  Doing so beyond the wildest expectations of many who attended the invitation-only affair. The firebrand conservative delighted his audience, cementing his reputation as a rock star of the North Carolina Republican Party. 

His first words: “I want to thank our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ! I don’t care what the media or the government elite have to say, this – the United States of America – is a Christian nation!” 

Republican state legislator Steve Tyson, who represents much of Craven County, hosted the hugely successful banquet. Having Robinson as the event’s keynote speaker ensured a standing-room only crowd – with scarcely a mask in sight. After an introduction by State Sen. Norman Sanderson, Robinson tossed aside the microphone. In a booming voice that almost echoed in the large room, Robinson described a nature video he had recently seen, using it as an analogy for himself. 

“It showed this bear cub being chased by a cougar, through a field and through the woods. Finally, the exhausted cub made it across a stream, climbed up on the bank, and turned to make his last stand. Then, the cougar suddenly stopped. That old cougar’s eyes got as big as saucers. Then, you could see from the video – behind that small cub was a mama grizzly bear mad as heck and ready to fight! 

“People ask me why I’m not deterred by all my critics. Well, folks, I see myself as that baby cub. And, standing behind me is God Almighty, and because of that, I AM NOT AFRAID!”

Pumped and ready to roll, Robinson quickly hit his stride:  “It is time for us to DO SOMETHING,” he said emphatically. “The number one thing is to stand up and tell the truth!”

Abortion? “In today’s world, we are telling our young women it is OK to run down to Planned Parenthood and commit murder. That’s why God is upset. In this nation, we murder his children with impunity. It it bringing damnation upon this country.”

“What are the other truths that need to be told?” asked Robinson. “I’ll tell you – all of this transgenderism in the classroom has got to stop! The whining liberals are always crying ‘keep your politics out of my bedroom.’ So I tell them this; ‘I’ll do that when you keep your bedroom out of my classroom!’ We’re living in an upside-down time,” he added, “and someone needs to tell the truth. The liberals are a group of people who argued vehemently about the gender of a plastic potato. People are tired of this!”

Earlier this year, Robinson clashed with one of the state’s biggest TV stations. At the time, Capitol Broadcasting, owner of WRAL, received a lambasting from the newly elected Lt. Governor over its website post of an inflammatory cartoon, depicting Robinson and other GOP members of the State Board of Education as racists. 

“Now I like to poke fun at them,” chuckled Robinson. “WRAL is short for We Really Are Liberal.”

Equal parts dynamic and evangelic, Robinson closed his 20-minute firestorm with an entreaty for the adoring audience. 

“The Republican Party is the future of this country – if there is going to be a future,” he urged. “We need to stand up and declare that we are not ashamed to be a Republican. My number one challenge for you is this: DO NOT BE AFRAID ANYMORE! Let’s be the party that saves our nation.”