Live, on-the-scene reports from Washington, D.C

Submitted by Pamlico County residents Debbie & Edward Caraballo

Final Update. We departed DC around noon on Wednesday, Jan. 6. Everything was peaceful when we left but from what we understand things are getting explosive as the people are fed up with being railroaded by these politicians. If truth and justice is not served, this is a taste of what America will be facing in our country √Ī history repeating itself and the threat of a revolutionary war.

January 6th – arrived at the Ellipse Park at 7 am and it√≠s been a continuous stream of Americans pouring in from all directions. ¬† The crowd is growing minute by minute and cheers for the USA echoing throughout Washington. ¬†Signs from around the country- California- Texas, Florida, New York….all United together in peace, citizens of all ages, all¬†colors¬†and all¬†nationalities. ¬†¬† No riots, no destruction, no hatred; all here to save our freedoms and demand an honest election. ¬†It is an honor to stand together with each and every one of them¬†and there is¬†no¬†fear standing amongst thousands. ¬† The love for this country is evident and the love for GOD still stands strong. ¬†¬†May God Bless America and save us all!¬†

January 5th √Ī Day 1 – Arrived in Washington – the positive power you feel surrounded by supporters that love our country is beyond words. ¬† ¬†There are Patriots from around the country here to support our constitution and fight for our freedoms.¬† A rally with thousands in attendance supporting churches and GOD.¬† NO- the murder of innocent children is not acceptable and¬†the church and the love of of God stand¬†together and we¬†will not tolerate infanticide or late term abortion.¬† NO –¬†you can√≠t touch our constitution and you can√≠t take our freedoms! ¬† NO-¬†¬†you can√≠t steal¬†our election! ¬†¬†This is the United States – we are uniting and we can√≠t wait until tomorrow to hit the street and declare to these elites WE ARE THE PEOPLE,¬†¬†WE ARE THE DEPLORABLES¬†– AND¬†WE ARE RE-UNITED!

January 4th Prior to trip: As we prepare to join thousands of Americans in Washington this week to declare a demand for truth and justice we would like to share the WHY for the need to stand up and take this journey to Washington.   This is no longer about Democrats or Republicans, this is now a battle between good and evil and the threat of destruction that America is facing.   This is not something either of us ever thought we would partake.  Certainly the cause would have to be dire and it is.   

First, turn off the main stream media and do your own research if you want the truth. ¬† The evidence of fraud and the theft of our election is overwhelming and the agenda to destroy our constitution should be of concern to everyone. ¬† A surveillance video clearly showing the criminal act of pulling suitcases of votes from under a table after the election hall was closed and pumping illegal ballots into the count, barring election official√≠s access, covering windows, dead people voting, more votes than registered voters√Ė..this should be an alarm for all Americans as the need to deceive the American voter is treason on all of us.¬† The censorship and withholding of all evidence and the plan to take power and change the foundation of our country is a threat to all, you, your children and all the generations to follow. ¬†

Everything happening has divided the American people √Ī hatred pumped into our land, the closures of businesses, riots, vandalism, vengeance, jobs lost and Americans feeling the desperation of trying to hang on. ¬† These acts are all evil and evil represents Satan.¬† ¬† We are all God√≠s children, there is no color in his eyes and this country is made up of all people, all colors and all nationalities. ¬† Stop dividing and unite.¬† Don√≠t let the ugly history of this world repeat itself and if you have hatred in your heart √Ī remove it. ¬†

American colonists fought against the British to give us the freedoms we have selfishly enjoyed without the respect they deserve for all the lives lost in that battle. ¬† The British as well, had the same mindset that these self-titled that call themselves the Elites today. They thought that the farmers and colonists were beneath them and couldn√≠t possibly stand up against the elite British forces. ¬† Sound familiar? Today, we the people are called Deplorables. ¬† Open your eyes and raise your voice because they are NOT elite √Ī they work for every American in this country and first and foremost their agenda should be to preserve our constitution and make sure America is taken care of first.¬† A true leader puts their people first and these in office put themselves first. ¬† These political officials on all levels need to be reminded that they are our public servants and that we will not tolerate a corrupt election, the alteration of our constitution or sacrifice any of our freedoms! ¬† They don√≠t mandate to us to follow their unlawful rules. ¬† This country was formed as ONE NATION UNDER GOD.¬† The United States and every American is the beacon of light and hope for the world and it√≠s time to unite and show the world we are united and that beacon of light still shines. ¬† ¬†

This is why we are standing up in Washington and may all of us put GOD back in our hearts and save this country from this evil.