Landmark Day For Craven County Alcohol Beverage Control Board

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BRIDGETON – Board Chairman Chip Chagnon announced Wednesday that the $5.3 million Bridgeton Campus Project is over 50 percent completed.

“We are happy to see that our once-in-a generation major construction project is on target for a mid-September of 2023 opening. This project includes a unique campus with a near 4,700 SF retail store; and an over 12,000 SF warehouse, an administration area and a special store for our restaurant, bar, and club customers and an office for the Craven County Sheriff’s Office, who provides law enforcement services to the ABC Board,” said Chairman Chagnon.

The campus was designed by MBF Architects, PA, of New Bern who awarded the project to Farrior and Sons General Contractor based in Farmville, NC. The campus design includes many new state-of-the art construction concepts.

“We challenged MBF Architects to design an award-winning campus, careful to retain the historic feel of Craven County—they did it! Now Farrior and Sons with their talented sub-contracts are building the dream, ” added Chagnon.