Here’s why many in the USA are suspicious of the ‘Shot’


By John Doe |Guest Commentary

Editor’s note: Well known to this newspaper, the author is a prominent local citizen. We have suggested he use a pseudonym to minimize any risk of ‘cancel culture’ retribution. We will forward any questions that readers may have. Email inquiries to:

AMERICA – Wow! The daily events keep coming at such a rapid pace that it is almost impossible to sift through opinionated news from what is factually correct. As it has been said many times: If you want answers, just follow the money! Who stands to gain from all the turmoil and disruptive issues?  A few companies and individuals are reaping record profits, but most of us are struggling to handle early signs of possibly rampant inflation.

The Big Box stores were not forced to close during the pandemic, pharmaceutical companies are reaping billions, major banks are receiving constant government bailouts, and big tech companies control all INTERNET ad revenues, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Google, YouTube.

At this point it will be helpful to fully understand what caused the COVID-19 panic worldwide that has effectively destroyed a huge number of small businesses, screwed up all material and food supply chains, and is causing drastic price increases in everything.

From the very beginning, all governments reacted with draconian measures – stressing genuine care for the welfare of the individual!? Governments care about only one thing: POWER! They seek measures to control people through laws, ever changing regulations to suit a crisis, and to support unconstitutional activities by various agencies! We had so-called experts wearing white lab coats and stethoscopes around their necks who exclaimed it was settled science that this “new” virus would cause massive deaths if not aggressively confronted. 

They used the PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) test to attribute high-infection numbers to this new virus that justified such measures as masks, social distancing, business shutdowns, controlled travel and development of what governments are incorrectly calling VACCINES! Anyone who had enough initiative to investigate what was truly happening began to understand. However, the vast majority of individuals blithely accepted the official statements coming from local, state, and federal governments. 

Many of us have become mentally and physically soft, as well as morally bankrupt. We have become aNation of Sheep’ predicted in the book by William J. Lederer, published in 1961. I read it at that time and felt the average American would never succumb to a government that would become the “wolf!”  In only 60 years,  these warnings have become reality.

Because of this almost inbred weakness, most individuals never questioned the official mandates put out by all governments. The people feared the unknown and agreed to wear masks, social distance and not associate with anyone, even family members! When the “warp” speed drug was developed,  most individuals rapidly lined up to get the shot, which was supposed to provide protection.

Is there proven science? I recommend Jon Rappaport at He has written over 200 articles since March 2020 with detailed analytical and scientific reasoning. According to Rappaport, no one has isolated this particular virus or proven it even exists. If scientists actually followed accepted scientific practices, there would have been various large sampling of diverse groups of individuals, not once but with multiple sampling to compare results. Then another independent source would conduct similar investigations to see if it agreed with the initial tests and conclusions of the other groups. THIS WAS NEVER DONE! Yet, the science was allegedly proven in a matter of months, usually by those with financial ties to big money pharmaceutical companies! 

Even though the virus was never identified, an experimental gene therapy drug – not a TRUE vaccine – was developed in a matter of months, not the typical five to ten years to test and ensure safety through extensive animal testing.

So many people felt they could get their life back to “normal” if they quickly lined up for the shot. The drug being used has many unknown ingredients and likely longterm side affects. ‘Messenger RiboNucleic Acid,’ or mRNA, is being used to carry the body’s DNA genetic code outside the cell nucleus so it can be used as the instructions to build proteins. Some identified components of the drug include formaldehyde, aluminum, viral DNA, animal cells, MSG, sugar, mercury, ethanol, glyphosate, lipids, aborted baby tissue and exotic nanoparticles! 

As we all know,  drugs approved by the FDA are supposed have a printed information sheet listing contraindications and potential side affects for individuals taking a variety of medications. This was never provided since the pseudo-vaccine was authorized under EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) ruling by the FDA.  It has never been formally approved!

The world is now experiencing thousands of serious side affects and deaths since millions of individuals got one of the three “vaccines” in the market place. It only took 54 bad side affects to have the swine flue vaccine discontinued years ago but not these new experimental concoctions! If our governments truly care about the welfare of citizens, why have these shots not been stopped!? 

Investigate the development and research of mRNA gene therapy: it has been going on for decades. Not one organization has developed a safe and effective mRNA vaccine since most of their animal trials ended in death or permanent illness. Yet in only a few months a miracle has been developed, touted as viable, and marketed as a solution? 

People now have become test animals for an unproven and disastrous injection, which suggests a violation of the Nuremberg Code agreement after WWII because of the evil medical tests done on the Jews by the Germans. Why is there an extensive propaganda program by those in control providing a variety of incentives for individuals to get this unproven and dangerous injection?! ALARMING, TO SAY THE LEAST!  

There are several renown virologists who have been informing the public for months on the medical implications for anyone who is injected with these experimental shots. Dr Sheri Tenpenny of and Dr. Judy Mikovits of have detailed the actual impact that mRNA has on our bodies, how it interacts with every cell, and basically destroys the body’s natural immunity. There are other news outlets that have provided invaluable information on these matters, which include with Mike Adams, with Dave Hodges, and with Dr. Joseph Mercola. There are online articles like “24 SHOCKING FACTS about COVID-19.” I also recommend and a very detailed video on

These websites provide reliable information; but most Americans get their information from typical news outlets, which have consistently proven to be biased – putting out half truths and outright lies and whose major ad revenues come from the pharmaceutical companies.

PCR tests have been proven to generate more than 95 percent false positives. Why then were these numbers used as justification to shut down our country and economy? Even Kary Mullis, the inventor of the PCR test, has clearly stated it is not a reliable diagnostic test! Taking a body sample and magnifying it 35 to 40 times (called cycles) will surely find something in any one of us – and it could be anything – including a virus

So much for the proven science.