Ferry system terminates employee who refuses test

Richard “Boston” Roy deserves praise for his efforts to preserve our Freedom!

Hatteras – Ocracoke route segregates crews into vaxxed / unvaxxed status

Roy protests his firing near the parking lot of the Hatteras – Ocracoke Ferry

By Richard Roy

HATTERAS ISLAND – Hello. My name is Richard Roy (also known as “Boston”). I am 58 years old. I am a veteran of the United States Air Force where I served from 1982-1986. I have lived on the Outer Banks for over 20 years. I was a master plumber and plumbed the Coast Guard base housing in Buxton from 1997-1999.

I started working for North Carolina Department of Transportation- Ferry Division in 2011. I worked 5 years as a temporary employee (1 year in the parking lot, 4 years as a wiper). Through this time I was able to build up enough sea time to test for an oiler’s position. Once I went through all the required testing, I became an oiler and obtained a permanent position.

Roy drives a small white car with a big Trump Hat mounted on top.

As of Sept. 2, 2021 we were notified that to continue employment with the state of North Carolina we would need to receive the COVID-19 vaccine or a bi-weekly swab to enter the work week. I refused to participate with either because I believe this to be an illegal requirement. I was warned I would be fired. I then went through the process and was officially terminated on Oct. 15, 2021.

Two days later, on Sunday, Oct. 17, I started protesting outside of the location of the Hatteras Ferry parking lot. I will be doing this occasionally while passing out pocket Constitutions. I would like to find others who have been fired as well. I hope that we could come together and hire a lawyer and create a lawsuit against Gov. Roy Cooper and the State of North Carolina.

If you have ever been to the Outer Banks you may have seen me. I am the guy with the little white car with the big ‘Trump Hat’ on top.

I hope that this will lead us in the direction of finding others in this same situation. Until then I will be looking for my next job.

Thank you for your time and interest.

Richard Roy


No vaxx? Then test required, or out the door! 

State’s official response:

As the safety and well-being of our passengers and employees is our top priority, we are following Executive Order 224 and Office of State Human Resources policy. It’s important to understand this is not a vaccine mandate. Any employee who wishes not to vaccinate is able to continue employment as long as they get tested for COVID-19 on a weekly basis. This is the same process that all cabinet level state agencies are following. 

The method by which employees report their vaccination status or test results is private and is only seen by designated NCDOT HR representatives in each unit. Employees upload their proof of vaccination or weekly test results to a secure, internal HR site. We do not designate boat crews by those vaccinated or not vaccinated.

As of last week, nearly 70 percent of N.C. Department of Transportation employees were fully vaccinated. Each cabinet agency posts its vaccination rates on the Office of State Human Resources’ website.

When an employee chooses not to follow the executive order or human resources policy, there is a multi-step disciplinary action process that takes several weeks to a month to complete. At any time during this process, an employee is given ample opportunity to comply. If the employee ultimately decides not to comply, the employee is provided with a letter that details the reasons for dismissal and the process that was followed to reach that determination.

Bobby Hanig, the state legislator who represents North Carolina’s Outer Banks, released the following statement:

“Vaccines should not be mandated. The decision to get vaccinated should be between an individual and their doctor. It is extremely disappointing that the governor continues down this path. I commend Mr. Roy for standing firm in his beliefs.”