Freedom, Truth & The American Way!

WASHINGTON, DC – That, my friends, is the gist of Sunday’s gathering, officially known as Defeat The Mandates March.

Big-time celebrity types, including headliner Robert F. Kennedy Jr., are joining rank-and-file patriots for the Jan. 23 event. Thousands plan to step peacefully into history, gathering to preserve personal sovereignty and to STOP medical coercion, discrimination and mandates.

We encourage everyone to be virtuous and peaceful and to de-escalate conflict. Below are a few procedures to follow during the peaceful march to keep you safe.

    • If anybody seems to be agitating for violence or is trying to encourage racist or violent acts, DO NOT ENGAGE! Use your smart phone to video record, and calmly back away.
    • If there are barriers up, respect them and don’t cross them. Stay on the appointed, permitted path.
    • If a group seems to be heading off the direction of the march, don’t follow them. The march goes up the Mall from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial.
    • If there’s anything even slightly suspicious, record it widely and generously,
    • Do not walk or stand near any packages or backpacks that are unattended. Do not touch or move the item. Report them right away.
    • Have an emergency rally point decided between you and your group.
    • Leave your agenda for the day with a friend.
    • Be aware of your surroundings. Always look for ways to escape in case things get out of hand. \

Click here for the event website and complete information.