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Recovery Coalition: We’re still ‘On The Job!’


September 13, 2023 will mark five years since Hurricane Florence hit Pamlico County, causing flooding and wind-driven-rain damage to many homes through- out the county. The Pamlico County Disaster Recovery Coalition (Coalition) received 543 applications for repairs to damaged homes.  Homes were assessed  for storm damages ranging from minor damage to leaking roofs, flooding, wind-driven-rain damage along ridge vents on the roof causing water damage to most of the walls and floors in the homes, and shifting foundations.  

In December 2018, the first post-hurricane grant was obtained requiring funds be used only to repair storm damage from Florence. Each successive grant for home repairs had this requirement.

The Coalition set up a procedure to vet applicants to make sure they owned their home. (Only a deeded homeowner can give permission for volunteer groups to work on their home). Renters were referred to other agencies for assistance. Only 504 applicants owned their homes.  Many properties were Heir Property (owned by multiple direct descendants due to lack of a will designating a specific owner).  

Legal Aide of North Carolina helped to provide life estate for many that lived years in the house. Of the 504 applicants contacted by the Coalition, 200 either declined help, did their own repairs, referred themselves to other agencies, or refused to bring in vetting paperwork. 


The Coalition partnered with the county, various faith-based and other organizations to volunteer at the Distribution Center.  Over 4,000 people were served with food and supplies at the Distribution Center – located in the old CVS on Highway 55 East. A special shout-out goes to Partnership for Children for providing essential office supplies while the Coalition was operating at the Distribution Center and office space for a few months.

The United Way of Coastal Carolina agreed to be our Fiduciary agent and open an account to handle our donation funds and grants. The Coalition would not have been successful without their assistance and guidance.


Repairs were done on 184 homes.  Referrals for various types of assistance were made for 112 applicants. Tarps, heaters, fans, and food gift cards were given to 76 individuals. Donated furniture was provided for many homes once repairs were finally completed. 

Between 2019 and 2022, these organizations came in the county to help with disaster repairs and volunteer labor totaling almost $2 million:

Fuller Center Disaster Rebuilders,

Samaritan’s Purse 

Baptist On Mission

Brethren Disaster Ministeries

Call to Build

Coastal Community Action. 

As of April 27, 2023, the Coalition has spent grant funds to assist with disaster repairs in the amount of $730,759.01. People helped include: 1183 family members, 250 children, 296 with disabilities, 274 over age 60, and 20 veterans.

There are 15 homes still on the books that have not had repairs completed. The Baptist On Mission continues to assist the Coalition with free labor and assistance with building materials. 


A website for the Coalition has been developed with the help of Peggy Carmen and Katie Shorter:  The Coalition would like to encourage everyone to check out the website.  What information is available there? The location, phone number, address, and email of the Coalition and the Mission Statement are listed there. 

Under the drop-down menu titled “Get Help” you will find how to register for the Code Red Mobile Alert from the county manager’s office; the vetting criteria for qualifying as a home owner in order to get help; the Coalition’s Disaster Preparedness Brochure (at the bottom of the drop-down menu), and what to be prepared for during the first 72 hours following a disaster.

Under the “About Us” button is the history of the Coalition, the board members and officers.  There is a donation button that opens the United Way of Coastal Carolina site to donate to Pamlico County. The “Volunteer Button” will allow you to sign up for the Pamlico County Volunteer Brigade to help with equipment and construction skills.

Next week: Recent happenings & future plans.