Aurora comes together for ambitious ‘Water Tower as Christmas Tree’ project!

1) Chuck Bonner, Director of Public Works, has spearheaded the monumental undertaking, but he is the first to credit volunteers, private donors, town officials, and local businesses like CMF for invaluable contributions.

2) Andre Moore of CMF looks a wee bit apprehensive Tuesday morning as he dons safety gear. Moore and another CMF staffer were hoisted by crane to attach a large star, thousands of lights, and heavy duty rigging.

3) At one point, the cage is lowered to equip the airborne crew with larger U-bolts.

4) Hoisted well over 100 feet, the star dangles from the worker’s cage on its way up.

5) Assisted by his co-worker, Moore climbs out of the cage, using the railing as an anchor for the CMF-fabricated star.