Attempted Murder on Law Enforcement Officer: John Nigh Arrested

Hubert, NC – June 29, 2024: The Onslow County Sheriff’s Office successfully apprehended John Matthew Nigh, 36, of New Bern, a suspect with multiple pending felony charges, after he fired shots at deputies during an arrest operation.

Earlier in the evening, Deputy Barcenas received a call from the Pamlico County Sheriff’s Office regarding John Nigh and a possible location where he could be found. Nigh was wanted by the Pamlico County Sheriff’s Office for two felonies and one misdemeanor, including Breaking and Entering a Motor Vehicle, Felony Larceny, and Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle. Nigh was located at a residence in the Hubert area. However, when deputies approached, Nigh attempted to evade arrest by fleeing out the back door of the home and into a wooded area. Upon physical contact, Nigh fired two rounds from a small-caliber handgun at the three deputies. Fortunately, none of the deputies were struck. Nigh was subdued and taken into custody without further incident.

Following his arrest, Nigh was briefly held at Naval Hospital after treatment for minor injuries and was then transported to the Onslow County Detention Center, where he is being held under a five-million-dollar bond.

In addition to the Pamlico County charges, deputies obtained warrants from the magistrate for Nigh on the following charges:
• Three counts of Attempted First-Degree Murder
• Three counts of Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer by Pointing a Firearm
• Possession of a Firearm by a Felon
• Resisting, Delaying, or Obstructing an Officer (RDO)
• Shooting Within 500 Feet of a Dwelling

Given the severity of the charges and Nigh’s existing criminal record, he has been held without bond.

Sheriff Thomas commented on the incident, stating, “The bravery and quick response of our deputies prevented a potentially tragic outcome. We remain committed to the safety of our community, and this is a clear example of how quickly a situation can become life-threatening.”

This incident underscores the dangers faced by law enforcement officers while carrying out their duties.

For more information, please contact the Onslow County Sheriff’s Office at (910) 455-3113 or via email at