Youngster dresses like 104-year-old friend!

For Jackson Childers (grandson of Roy Whaley of Cove City and son of Casey Whaley Childers), the 100th day of Kindergarten came with excitement. Each member of the kindergarten class was asked to ‘dress like a 100 year old’ with suspenders, canes, gray hair, walkers and glasses. The more Jackson talked it over, he wanted to dress exactly like his real life friend, Jim Boswell. 

Boswell, who celebrated his 104th birthday on Feb. 2, doesn’t fit the mold  – no walkers or canes. In fact, though he is no longer able to drive due to eyesight, Jim walks around on his own and carries deep conversations just fine!

Boswell is a long-standing member of First Christian Church in Wilson, where Casey has been employed for 16 years. Mom and son visit Jim on many afternoons – this one was no different. He enjoyed showing Jackson his memories of World War II where he was a pilot flying B-17 bombers (the old Flying Fortress). In December of 1941, Jim was working for the FBI in Washington, DC when Japan attacked the United States. He then signed up to take an aviation cadet test to join the Army Air Corps.

All this to say, not every 100 year old needs a walker and cane. This 104-year-old does just fine simply being a buddy with his 6-year-old “100th day-year-old of Kindergarten” friend.