Woman Describes Vision, Which She Calls ‘New City’

Ivia Nathaniel
Ivia Nathaniel

By Ivia Nathaniel

Three weeks ago I was driving alone along a street in New Bern. Suddenly, the Holy Ghost told me to pull over where there was a huge parking lot. Yes! I obeyed.

With my naked eye, a city appeared. As I parked, all the cars and everything else had disappeared.

What I viewed was the most beautiful place – everything so perfect. At that moment, I had no idea where I was. This was clearly a place where I had never been, or seen. The city appeared directly in front of me. I watched it approximately 3 to 5 minutes and then it disappeared. This was an on-site vision, and only God could have done such a thing.

In the last days, you will see signs that will make you wonder. I say to you: “Live the life so God can use you.” Yes, there is a New City. Will you be able to go there? Live the life, or pay the price.

I do know God and all his goodness. Stay prayed UP. Packed UP with the word of God, and get ready to go UP. Surely God is coming. Are you worthy?

I am now age 89 – the second of seven children. I remember my mother used to say to me, “Ivia, you are the most peculiar of all my children.” I believe she was referring to the fact that I could see things BEFORE they happened. I don’t understand how I managed to do that, but it did occur.