Walls Come Tumbling Down | Oriental bids historic building a fond farewell

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CORNER OF BROAD & HODGES – A fancy new brick building was surely the pride and joy of this lazy little town way back in the early 1900s – when other structures went up with more mundane products from several nearby lumber mills.  Alas, the ravages of time — and more than a few hurricanes along the way – have taken an inevitable toll. 

Over the last several weeks, Capt. Ron Diamond with Above All Demolition has been conducting what can only be described as 

‘disassembly.’ You see, a market exists for these vintage bricks. Diamond estimates 40,000 or so — and many have already been gobbled up for a variety of uses. 

About mid-day on Wednesday, the building’s frontage remained standing. No word yet on exactly when the final push is scheduled. Our thanks to Sharon Breitling with Oriental’s History Museum for adjacent photos – one of a cash register from the original General Store, and another of a plaque that commemorates the structure’s long time value to the community. 

Newcomers, of course, will recall some fun drinking and dining memories during the building’s decades-long stint as

Oriental Steamer Restaurant. Stop by over the Fourth of July. Perhaps someone will capture a photo or two of fireworks exploding over what was once the Old Gal’s durable metal roof!