Wake goes WOKE!

By Carolina Partnership For Reform

WAKE COUNTY – This week, the Wake County School Board approved Millbrook High School’s request to ‘partner’ with a radical organization called “We Are” on so-called “anti-racist teacher training.” We Are, according to its own website, helps teachers impose Critical Race Theory in their classrooms.

The problems with the partnership go beyond CRT, though. Just two months ago, We Are launched a public campaign to purge school teachers who dissent from social justice ideology. The campaign, called “ #somepeopleneedtobefired “ seeks to “hold our education profession to a higher standard” and “remove those who should not be in schools due to their racist thoughts or actions.”

Racist thoughts.” Of course, We Are declines to define what constitutes a “racist thought” or who has the power to judge. Prominent black intellectual John McWhorter, a professor at Columbia University, says the movement evangelized by We Are is more than an ideology: It’s a religion. And those seen as dissenting from that religion are branded as heretics.

According to McWhorter: “If someone disagrees, you don’t just not like them. You feel that they should be defenestrated, they should lose their job, they should be stripped of their honors, they should be basically banished from society. I must read something that happens every day based on this sort of thing. That fervor is different from an ideology.”

That a public school system would partner with an organization that openly seeks to terminate teachers who dissent from an ideology – or a religion – is deeply troubling. Parents in other school systems across North Carolina should be on alert. Where does all this end, and who will stop it?