Trojan Horse threatens USA

By Bill Garrison | News Analysis

Editor’s note: Mr. Garrison is a retired insurance executive from Connecticut, who now lives near Aurora.

In Greek mythology, a powerful opponent of ancient Greece kidnapped a queen, Helen, and imprisoned her in an impregnable fort. In order to free Helen, Greek officials devised an ingenious plan. They would offer a large gift to procure her release!

The greedy enemy accepted the huge gift, and brought it inside the walls of the fort. That night hundreds of Greek soldiers emerged from the gift, which was a hollow wooden horse. The soldiers captured the fort, releasing the queen, Helen. As you may know, this gift became known as the ‘Trojan Horse.”

In remembering this story, it struck me how similar instances are occurring in our own fort – the borders around our entire country. These events are happening in many ways and on many fronts. The most obvious of these is taking place along our Southern border.

Misguided (maybe even criminal) politicians, officials, bureaucrats, and profiteers are FLAUNTING our immigration laws to allow illegal immigrants to enter our country.

The motivations for this illegal activity are many and varied. The solutions for this activity are many and varied.

First of all, we should return to absolute protection of our borders, by whatever means possible. I understand the rationale of these immigrants. Most of them sincerely want a better life for themselves and their families, but many of them are looking for profit; that is — drugs, human smuggling, terrorism.

And, our ludicrous, so-called ‘Sanctuary Cities’ have become mental health hospitals on wheels.

The key for proper immigration is to make it fairer thru quicker administration and meritorious selection. All people deserve and strive for freedom in all its forms. This freedom is not free. The costs are monumental and we should not ‘dumb down’ our immigration policies to accommodate our goals (as we seem to have done to our educational standards).

In our current society, it appears to be acceptable to pummel peaceful dissension. Everyone has the right of free speech but not to the extent of insurrection – which is why we have laws and why we live by these laws. Freedom of speech is not free. There are consequences and costs.

We, as a country, as an institution, are being attacked from all sides. If you have occasion to watch our Congress, our Senate, or our judicial bodies in operation, you should be embarrassed by the political overtones in all of their actions.

I could go on for pages about my desire for peace and love for all peoples. I am truly blessed to live in an area of peace, intelligence, and caring neighbors. They all deserve everything this country stands for!

I sincerely wish our politicians and officials have the ability to correct the ‘Trojan Horse’ syndrome that currently affects us. Our response to the ‘Covid’ is yet another example of Trojan Horse epidemic.

Our abysmal treatment of people with mental difficulties in this country is unconscionable – more evidence of the Trojan syndrome. Young people without any real hope for an economic, or spiritual, life is everywhere. More Trojan Horse.

ALL OF THE ABOVE, and many more examples of our moral, emotional, and intellectual decay are further examples of Trojan Horse symptoms. As a country, as a society, we must return to accountability – for our own actions, or inaction. Return to a true sense of responsibility by our leaders. Do not excuse aberrant behavior by anyone.

Please! Let’s return to the good, intelligent, truthful people we are.