By Mike Cole | Guest Commentary

The dog and pony show and the kangaroo court we have just witnessed in New York should remove ANY doubt ANYone had about how corrupt our courts and many of our politicians have become in the interest of enhancing their own power base.

I don’t see how anyone could possibly think there is anyone in New Your politics or judiciary who could be held blameless. What is even sadder is this also demonstrates how far the mainstream media has become from any semblance of serving the public interest.

If any conservative said or did any of the things I’ve heard and seen from ALL the mainstream media; CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, and almost all the publications, they would be put in jail for hate crimes and their rhetoric would be shut down as hate speech.

Our problem is the power elites control all this and the “public” for the most part have no vehicle to get around them. Thank God for publications like the County Compass and people like Glenn Beck, Tucker Carlson, and Megyn Kelly who try.

Pray for our country and regardless of what Biden says about the slogan; there is NOTHING wrong with “Make America Great Again” because it is Biden trying to destroy it.