‘Super Spreader’ encounter described by local man

PERSONAL NOTE: This series of articles is based on The Real Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., published in 2021 by Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.  Mr. Tony Lyons, the publisher, is owed a tremendous round of thanks for bringing this work to the public’s attention. One of my recent articles inadvertently referenced the author as U.S. Senator Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.  Instead,  Mr. Kennedy has a 40-year career as an environmental and public health advocate and lawyer.

In this article, SARS-Covid-19 virus will be referenced as ‘China Virus’ since the Wuhan, China Virology labs participated heavily in Gain of Function tests to develop this nasty disease. 

One of the doctors referenced in Mr. Kennedy’s book is Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, a virologist and vaccine developer in Switzerland. Early in the China Virus pandemic, he wrote an “Open Letter to The World” suggesting mRNA-based vaccines (the “Jab”) were not a good idea. I spent several hours editing the letter’s language translation to make it more readable to Americans. I offered it to numerous doctors, with only one taking me up on the offer. 

Only one of our doctors told us to not take the “Jab.”  That doctor later asked me to send him reference information so he could provide it to his daughter, who was being pressured to take the “Jab.”  One County Compass reader called me about a question on my WiFi article some time back and also asked what I thought of the “Jab.”  I suggested she not take it, nor anyone in her family.  When I asked doctors to supply Ivermectin for me, all doctors refused to give me a prescription. Why?  Doctors were threatened with loss of their medical licenses if they did prescribe Ivermectin or another drug, Hydroxy Chloroquine.

I have a number of factors that could have put me on death’s door (If you believe the US Government propaganda) if I were to get China Virus.  I am old, male, have lung problems,  get pneumonia fairly easily from food allergies, require oxygen at higher altitudes, and have scoliosis.

Turns out a “Super Spreader” – a person who took the “Jab” and, even though she had no symptoms, passed on China Virus to both my wife, Patty, and myself at a convention in Greenville in the Spring of 2022.  You may ask, “How do you know the woman at the convention was a ‘Super Spreader?’”  Using a well known analysis technique called “Data Analysis,” one can make some trial assumptions.  In the China Virus case, US Government data says one in five persons taking the China Virus “Jabs” will become a “Super Spreader.” “Super Spreaders” show no symptoms of China Virus.

The lady at the convention had taken one of the two mRNA “vaccines” but had no symptoms of the disease.  Besides Patty and me, a friend of mine and his friend who were seated at the same table as we were also got China Virus while attending the same convention.  At a subsequent convention in early June, my friend told us that he was diagnosed with China Virus on Monday after the Saturday convention and his friend was diagnosed on Tuesday.  I was diagnosed on Thursday and Patty was diagnosed on Saturday.

The odds of four people getting sick within seven days from the same event and within ten feet of the “Super Spreader” seemed pretty obvious to me.

When I was diagnosed with China Virus, I was prescribed a monoclonal infusion, but Carolina East Hospital couldn’t infuse me before the five-day therapeutic period expired.  As an alternative, I applied one dose of Ivermectin obtained over-the-counter; two days later I had no more fever or coughing.  Patty took one dose of Ivermectin, and two days later she was also symptom free.  Neither of us has gotten another infection from any China Virus variant, nor have we experienced any long Covid symptoms.

You might wonder what would happen if one took the “Jab” and got China Virus.  Well, some of our friends took the “Jabs” and got China Virus. I provided them the Ivermectin and they each applied one dose, and neither had symptoms after two days. Turns out there is a three drug cocktail that works too.  One drug is over-the-counter and the other two are prescriptions.  Mr. Kennedy’s book lists the three drugs and none are Ivermectin or Hydroxy Chloroquine.  When that information was put on the internet, Fauci called on the media platform CEOs to take the information down.  News releases were put out by the lame stream media to refute the efficacy of these drugs.  See Chapter One of the RFK, Jr. book –  pages 59 & 60, See Endnote 87 also.

Next time, I’ll tell you why I decided against the “Jabs.”  You may be surprised at one of the reasons.