State Treasurer prompts Governor on negative impact of benefits

RALEIGH – During the August 3 meeting of the North Carolina Council of State Gov. Roy Cooper indicated that when additional federal unemployment payments end in September, state unemployment payments will return to their normal levels. 

The Governor’s statement came after State Treasurer Dale Folwell and other Council of State members explained the devastating impact that extended benefits are having on employers across the state.

Every business owner – no matter their race, creed, color or political affiliation – is asking how we can continue to pay into a system that forces us to compete with federal benefits by taxing people who are working, and then using the money for those who don’t,”  Folwell said. “The policy is no longer about compassion and generosity, but justice and certainty. At the end of the day, employers across the state who have suffered for over a year during COVID cannot operate without employees. We’re in an employment crisis.”