State Auditor Candidate Lambastes Mismanaged Durham School System

Dave Boliek

DURHAM – State examiners should immediately determine and disclose what kind of mismanagement led to Durham’s public-school financial disaster, Dave Boliek, the leading Republican candidate for State Auditor, said Wednesday.

The crisis in Durham’s public schools is a local outrage and a national embarrassment,” Boliek added. “Students have missed school, families are in chaos, employees haven’t been paid, those responsible for the debacle and its coverup have not been held accountable, and the public still doesn’t have a clear answer about what happened. State and local taxpayers urgently need an honest and transparent assessment of the facts, which falls squarely on the State Auditor.

And yet, where is recently-appointed Democratic State Auditor Jessica Holmes amid this fiasco?” Boliek asked. “She is nowhere to be found, failing state and local taxpayers alike.”

If elected as State Auditor, Boliek said he will establish rapid-response teams to tackle financial and programmatic emergencies, which require independent external audits, not mere ‘internal reviews’ as in Durham’s case, Boliek said.

It’s essential not only to get the books right and get public services back on track, but also to restore the trust of the taxpayers,” Boliek said. “Ms. Holmes isn’t capable of doing that. I am.”