Republicans to Tackle ‘Hot Topic’ Resolutions

The swanky, star-studded GOP affair is set for three days at the Koury Convention Center in Greensboro.

By Cindy Sallis, GOP Delegate | Duplin County

Cindy Sallis is one of several delegates from rural Duplin County.

GREENSBORO – Over a thousand Republicans from across our state will pour into Greensboro for their annual Republican State Convention this weekend, May 23-26, where rights and life are to be defended!

Expect to see a VERY ACTIVE convention!! As a delegate representing Duplin County, I have been highly involved in two of the Resolutions that ‘Lord willing’ will be voted on. Both are of critical importance. Our state Republican party platform appropriately affirms both medical freedom and life beginning at conception.

Former state legislator, Representative Larry Pittman is expected to introduce a ‘Resolution to Abolish Abortion.’ There are many other states that have abolished abortion yet North Carolina remains an abortion destination – despite a ban of most abortions after 12 weeks. This is because 90 percent of most abortions typically take place before 12 weeks. The unborn need our lawmakers to revisit the abortion subject quickly. It is my prayer that the Abortion Abolition resolution passes, and that it provokes life-saving legislative action.

Nine Congressional districts (of 14 in the state) passed pandemic-inspired ‘medical freedom’ resolutions at their conventions this year — some with very strong pro-life language. The Resolution package that was originally to be presented by the State GOP broke the resolutions up into three resolutions: 1) North Carolina Republican Party Resolution on Medical Freedom. 2) Resolution on Emergency Powers. And, 3) Resolution on Individual Liberty.

These three DID NOT REFLECT what was passed across our state at the District levels. As a result, before the Resolution package is voted upon, the Resolution Committee has committed to replace them with the Resolution listed under “Business” as an “Administrative Amendment” at It is my hope that this strong Resolution is readily approved.

Our family was among thousands across the state forced to make a decision due to a vaccine mandate during Covid. My husband is the sole breadwinner and I am a stay at home homeschooling mom, so this was not a decision we made lightly — but after much prayer! We are people of faith and believe aborted babies ought not be used as “medicine” or in research and development of “medicine” nor in vaccines.

When one sees vaccine ingredients such as MRC-5 and WALVAX-2, these are literally babies (“human diploid cells”) used as growth mediums for vaccines. Barbarianism has no place in a civilized Christian nation. One cannot support vaccine mandates in the public or private sector without first approving of the unborn being treated as a medical ingredient and simultaneously denying the miraculous design of human beings and their immune systems. One cannot claim to value life from conception and not wholly oppose a market for these products. It is God Himself that knits us in our mother’s womb and we are each fearfully and wonderfully made.

Thousands of our fellow North Carolinians lost their jobs across our state for non-compliance to vaccine mandates. Ridiculousness reigned and constitutionally protected freedoms trounced. Even in the days of smallpox, the Supreme Court handled non-compliance with vaccines by issuing a $5 fine and allowed unvaccinated Mr. Jacobson to work and travel freely. In the future, if there is a concurrence amongst our Council of State, we can legally be crushed yet again in our state. I hope that fact is addressed quickly by our Republican super-majority thru a comprehensive Bill now that the “emergency” is over. Employees should regain their privacy and not feel pressure to receive any medical treatment. Laws need to protect our ability to make our own medical choices free from coercion. Also, we need to be proactive as a state legislatively and ensure attempts by international organizations such as the World Health Organization to avert our sovereignty are staved.

Politically, it’s an ‘all hands on deck’ situation along all fronts in our nation, with so many freedoms teetering on the brink of a great socialist abyss. I encourage my fellow conservatives to attend your future local party’s county and district annual Republican conventions and to always seek to be voted in as a Delegate for the state convention.

There are often opportunities for conservatives to come together and use our voices on behalf of the truly voiceless. The local Republican conventions are typically held in the Spring prior to the state convention. To prepare for the election this November, if you reach out to your local Republican party and/or your favorite conservative Candidate campaign teams, there are surely important opportunities for you to help with signs, door knocking, calls, and more.

May apathy dissipate, as we remain vigilant! Ground lost is seldom gained back.