‘Prowlers of Pamlico County’ exist

Stock Photo

By Ivia Nathaniel

NEUSE ROAD – Coming home Wednesday night, Jan. 16, at approximately 7 p.m. on Neuse Road, about 1500 feet from the corner of Scott Town Road, a sleek black long slinky cat sloped across the highway, barely missing the front grill of my car.

The cat jumped like it was floating. It made one big leap and landed approximately 10 feet from my car, but on all four of its feet. 

Many Pamlico People don’t believe we have these things. But I know we have black panthers, bobcats, plenty of bears, coyotes, and mountain lions (cougars). 

Approximately five years ago coming from fishing on Goose Creek Road – an area we call Orange Swamp – I came around the curve and there stood a big rusty-colored cougar with long whiskers on its face with such a mean, vicious look.

I always tell people with small children to be watchful. These things are the prowlers of Pamlico County. I would like to hear from others who have seen the panthers. My home number is 249-1839.