Pandemic or Plan-demic

By Martha Frances | Guest Commentary

Editor’s note:  The author is known to this newspaper and is using a pseudonym to minimize any chance of  ‘cancel culture’ retribution.

USA – It’s time to open your minds, turn on some common sense and start asking questions. Looking back on 2020 and how things transpired, you probably thought you had entered the Twilight Zone. What’s the real hidden agenda?

The years prior to election year have been nothing but endless attacks and hatred with a mission of creating division. Now is time to ask “What is really going on?” The integrity of the 2020 election remains in doubt. All of us should demand a complete audit to ensure the voices of the people are not being diminished. An audit will reveal the truth. Shouldn’t we all want the truth? Why would anyone not want an audit confirming authenticity of election results? 

Pandemic or Plandemic??

  • Create FEAR – everyone is dying of coronavirus but all other diseases and accidents have suddenly declined?   
  • Destroy businesses (with the exception of big box stores owned by large corporations). Apparently the risk of contracting the virus is minimal at these giant corporate stores but our local small business owners are high risk.    
  • Masks – compliance or protection?
  • Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) is a diagnostic test that determines if you are infected by analyzing a sample to see if it contains genetic material from the virus. These are supposed to be set at 17x magnification but have instead been set at 40x – which raises questions about true results.
  • Masking children as young as age 2 – children are the most impressionable so why not start the training to comply early.  Has face covering on a 2 year old child become normal attire?
  • Censorship – deny and cancel anyone who doesn’t agree with their agenda.  Only allowing propaganda being fed to the public, while using media and news outlets to manipulate what you should believe.  Mold your mind to think only one way.  What possible good reason do they have to censor our free speech other than suppress what they want you to know or don’t want you to know?  Any skeptics are immediately labeled conspiracy theorists.
  • Vaccine passports – similar to the way Jewish people were identified in Nazi Germany
  • Create division – that’s an old military tactic – how to take over a nation – IMPLODE IT WITHIN.

Now we live in FEAR, VIOLENCE, COMPLIANCE, CENSORSHIP, and DIVISION. Is history repeating itself? Do you realize the psychological damage this is having on children? Fear, isolation from friends. and the ridiculous imposition of mask-wearing. The science clearly indicates this is not healthy for children – not physically and not mentally.

Ask yourself why the Nazi Schutzstaffel (SS) had a system to mark/badge and identify a specific group, mostly the Jewish population. Now ask yourself why today they want to mark and identify people with a vaccine passport? What happened to your body, your choice? What happened to HIPPA and protecting your privacy?  No one should be forced to inject an experimental drug into their body if it’s not their choice, nor should anyone be marked or identified with a passport. How an individual chooses to manage their own health care is their choice – not that of a government, or of corporate America. No one should be pressured into taking any vaccine or any drug. No one should be required to show a vaccine passport to participate in anything!

Consider this before you willingly line up for the first of many injections:

  • Not FDA approved
  • No long term studies
  • Read the disclosure – you take it at your own risk and the pharmaceutical companies hold no responsibility if you get sick, develop a serious illness or die. They don’t know what the long-term effects are, or do they?​
  • What are the ingredients?
  • Who’s getting rich off these vaccines? 
  • Compliance and obedience are the goals.  

One ingredient they don’t broadcast that is in the vaccine is called Luciferin – why does the vaccine contain an ingredient called Luciferin in the amount of 66.6 ml?  Look it up – Read the document yourself. Do you really want to inject a drug into your body named Luciferin at a dose of 66.6?  

A document located on the CDC website explains ‘Interim Operational Considerations of the Shielding Approach’ or shall we call them what they truly are?  Organized camps that will separate people. These camps will have one entry point and ‘green zones.’ That should raise a big question. Why would the government separate people into designated groups for Coronavirus that has a 99.5% rate of recovery? 

They can dress it up and make it sound like some professional medical option for mass illness, but a camp with one entry point that separates people???? Most adults can manage their own health care and they don’t need the government to implement some separation camp. I’m sure the six million Jewish people who were loaded on trains, taken to camps, and separated didn’t know what their destiny would be. Camps to separate people for a virus that has a 99.5% recovery. Does that make sense? Do camps to separate people make any sense? Do camps with one entry point sound more like imprisonment?  

Multiple doctors have come forth with existing medications taken by people with coronavirus. There were great successes, but you don’t hear about this on the controlled media. These doctors were shut down, silenced, canceled….you mean there may be medication that could  have saved lives but was denied? That doesn’t seem ethical, but let’s follow the money:

  • Every coronavirus case admitted to the hospital receives $13,000 extra from Medicare.
  • Every coronavirus case that is incubated with a ventilator receives an additional $39,000 

Wouldn’t you want the opportunity to try one of these medications (Budesonide, Hydroxychlorquine, Ivermectin) — which have been used successfully – before having a tube shoved down your throat into your lungs? If effective alternatives exist, then authorities would be hard-pressed to push vaccines that have not been approved by the FDA, nor been subjected to long-term studies. In other words, if alternatives exist, how could FEAR and COMPLIANCE be instilled? If they felt this vaccine was so safe, why is there a waiver protecting pharmaceutical companies from damages?  Keep following the money and question the agenda.  We all know the pharmaceutical companies are not donating this vaccine as a gift – do you think they have something to gain?  Follow the money!

Do your own research. Don’t depend on the biased misleading media. The more questions you ask, the more you dig, the uglier it gets and it gets ugly. Open your eyes. Turn off the propaganda they call news. Look at the whole picture. Put your faith and trust in GOD and may the truth be brought forward and every American wakes up!