Look out Pfizer. Here comes the King of Thailand, and he is pissed!

Todd Callender (top) and Pascal Najadi
Todd Callender (top) and Pascal Najadi

By Tammy Dail | Guest Commentary

King Rama X
King Rama X

Those of us who have been doing our homework for the past two to three years know what Nuremberg 2.0 means – a way to hold those accountable who knowingly and willingly committed crimes against humanity. Some of us are hoping and praying the day will eventually come that military tribunals will begin in the U.S. and around the world.

Perhaps that day has indeed arrived? 

Todd Callender is an attorney, currently serving as legal counsel for the U.S. Armed Services in the ongoing Covid mandate legal battle. (Visit Todd has released video where he states in an interview, that the King of Thailand, Vajiralongkorn (also known as King Rama X) plans to nullify the kingdom’s contract with Pfizer after his daughter was injured by the covid “vaccine.”

The Princess, Bajrakitiyabba Mahidol, received three injections and has been in a coma – on life support – since December. She is 44 years old. (Visit Thailand is reported to be convening war crime Tribunals in order to nullify the Pfizer contracts. This could mean the loss of billions of dollars by Pfizer –  not the first time Pfizer has been sued and forced to pay millions in damages.

Do not discount King Vajiralongkorn.  As the world’s wealthiest reigning monarch – with a net worth somewhere between $30 billion (U.S.) and $70 billion (U.S.) – he is a formidable adversary for Pfizer.

Meanwhile, in another part of the world, retired Swiss banker, Pascal Najadi received three doses of the vaxx, because he was assured by his government that the “vaccine was safe and effective.”  He is now vaxx-injured and bringing criminal charges against the President of Switzerland for lying about the safety and effectiveness of the “vaccine.”  

After Najadi was medically injured by the shot, he saw a video showing Jannine Small from Pfizer admitting in the EU Parliament that the vaxx had not been adequately tested. He walked into his local police station and entered a complaint. In Switzerland, according to Najadi, any citizen can do just as he has done. 

Callender claims citizens have ‘Universal Jurisdiction’ to declare Crimes Against Humanity.

“Now you’re going to see the floodgates open,” said Callender in a recent video. “These are universal jurisdiction crimes, which means that if Switzerland wanted to prosecute our President, they would not only have the ability to do that – and do that in absentia – they would have the ability to sentence in absentia, meaning extra-territorially.”

There is no mention of these pending cases on Pfizer’s website. So-called “fact checkers” are busy claiming these stories are false, but we have seen in countless videos that Google, Facebook, and Twitter (before Elon) CEO’s have all been grilled by Congress regarding their censorship of Americans and their willingness to spread propaganda.  I try not to use Google. There are other search engines out there (DuckDuckGo).  There is so much Truth, if you look for it. Some good examples:  Covid BC (Telegram),,,,

Thank God we live in America where our freedom of speech is still protected! Our collective voices ring loud and clear. Let 

Freedom Ring! 

Editor’s note: Ms. Dail is a Pamlico County resident, and a trusted contributor to this newspaper.