Not vaxxed? Sorry, Yulia, go somewhere else for your kidney transplant.

ECU Health steps in. Yulia now on the mend

Some of the Hicks clan: parents Chrissy & Lee with Yulia (second from right) and sister.
Some of the Hicks clan: parents Chrissy & Lee with Yulia (second from right) and sister.

By Tammy Dail

Yulia turned 15 on June 5 – just weeks after her transplant surgery.
Yulia turned 15 on June 5 – just weeks after her transplant surgery.

GREENVILLE – This is a story ABOUT TYRANNY that we all need to be aware of. If left unchecked, this tyranny could lead to the loss of medical and religious freedoms.

Lee & Chrissy Hicks are Catholics with 11 children, one of which is now a 15-year-old girl named Yulia from Ukraine who suffered with a rare kidney condition. The Hicks family wanted to make her part of their family and adopted her in January 2021. She began dialysis treatments through Duke University Hospital while awaiting a kidney transplant surgery that would, ultimately, save her life.

During the process of getting on the organ wait list and preparing for surgery, Yulia’s parents were asked if she had received the Covid 19 “vaccine.”  I cannot bring myself to just call it a vaccine (without the quotes) since the Covid shot does not prevent the recipient from contracting or transmitting Covid.

Lee and Chrissy answered truthfully. Their reply was no, since Yulia had already contracted and recovered from Covid and, therefore, has natural immunity – with more protection than the Covid shot could offer. In additiion, Covid poses extremely low risk of serious medical issues for children, while there have been many reports of vaccine injuries and deaths of adults, and some among children associated with all of the Covid shots.

The Hicks family received an email from Duke University saying the Covid injection was recommended before kidney transplant surgery. Chrissy and Lee used good reasoning and discernment when saying no to the vax.

They received a second email where the wording had changed to “required,”  then finally, a shocking phone call November 29, 2022 confirmed that Duke Univ Hospital was unwilling to perform the life-saving kidney transplant surgery for the then 14-year-old girl, without her accepting the dangerous, experimental, emergency use only authorized “vaccine”!

In my opinion, this decision could not possibly be based on good reasoning or good judgment.

The hospital’s rationale was that they “had” to follow CDC “recommendations”. One doctor who was part of the committee that would determine Yulia’s fate said that while the “vaccine” may not prevent Yulia from getting Covid, it would “improve her health.”.

After receiving this devastating news, the Hicks prayed about what to do. They knew this was unjust, but did not want their daughter’s life hanging in the balance while waiting on litigation procedures. They tried to calm their fears with the knowledge that God is there with an answer. They prayed harder.

Finding a hospital that was willing to try to save Yulia’s life was paramount, but they knew they could not afford to travel out of state, if needed. Realizing that they would have to accept help, they set up an online account to facilitate financial assistance as well as to get Yulia’s story out.  The response was overwhelming.  Some donated money to help, but amazingly, 40 people wanted to donate their own kidney for Yulia!

East Carolina University Health saw their story and offered to perform the surgery. A donor was found, and six long months after being denied by Duke University, Yulia finally had a kidney transplant surgery in May 2023, and is recovering well. During those six agonizing months, 10-15 people contacted them relating their stories of being denied medical treatment/procedures because they are unvaxxed.

In order to fight the discrimination that they experienced, the Hicks family filed a lawsuit against Duke University and are raising funds to help them in their fight.  They want to help other families as well by getting a law passed that would make it illegal to discriminate against potential organ recipients based on their vaccination status.

Representative Celeste Cairns from Carteret County sponsored House Bill 586 (S644 in Senate) which has passed NC House, but is awaiting a vote in the NC Senate. If the legislation is ultimately approved, many have suggested naming it “Yulia’s Law.” 

I did some digging and recently spoke with Chrissy Hicks during a phone call. Chrissy said (paraphrasing):  “To think that a committee can determine someone’s life is terrifying.  This is without a doubt medical tyranny.  How does the refusal of a shot that is known to cause many health issues, and does not stop the spread of a disease, deny a 14 year old a lifesaving therapy?  How does that happen in America?  We do not have medical or religious freedoms anymore.  I have the right to choose, and I don’t want to put her at risk.  Where does it end with the medical community forcing things on us?  If we don’t stand up for medical freedoms now, we won’t be able to stand up soon!”

I thanked Chrissy for standing firm. The Hicks Family is inspiring others and changing people’s lives, so the goodness grows. They are all heroes–real life heroes.  I am praying for their continued health, strength, resilience, perseverance, and courage.  One person can change things, as we know from the story of David & Goliath.

A few people can make a difference.  I also pray that Yulia’s story will touch people and empower more people to do something to make a difference. Donate to their givesendgo account, but only if you can.  Please write or call your State Senator and ask them to do the right thing by voting “yes” to Bill 586 (644 in Senate). Vote Yes to Yulia’s Law.

Senator Norman Sanderson, District 1, Carteret, Chowan, Dare, Hyde, Pamlico, Pasquotank, Perquimans, Washington counties, (919)733-5706, email, mail 300 N Salisbury St, Rm 309, Raleigh, NC  27603.

Senator Jim Perry, District 2, Beaufort, Craven, Lenoir counties, (919)733-5621, email, mail 300 N Salisbury St, Rm 311, Raleigh, NC  27603

Senator Brent Jackson, District 9, Bladen, Duplin, Jones, Pender, Sampson counties, (919)733-5705, email, mail 16 West Jones St, Rm 2022, Raleigh, NC  27601