Not Mother’s Fitness Salon!

VANCEBORO – Elite Aerials hopes to carve a new niche in the world of exercise. The format is certainly not that of a gym. Nor that of a dance studio. But what exactly will people see when they show up for a 10am, Saturday, Sept. 10 Grand Opening?

In an email exchange with this newspaper, Beverly Goehring, described the background of her co-owners in this way: “We have 10-plus years of experience on pole, lyra, silks, and bungee.”

Forget treadmills! It’s the Year 2022. Anything goes! Some early photos exude elegance, fun, and well – sore muscles (at least at first). 

Goerhring and her energetic crew describe their mission as being a quest to improve the general health, fitness, and self-esteem of the community. During the Grand Opening festivities, folks can get a close-up look with no obligation or commitment whatsoever. 

Elite Aerials is located in a spacious brick building directly across from Kite’s Grocery on Main Street in downtown Vanceboro. Give these vivacious ladies a call at (252) 639-1104. Please mark Sept. 10 on your calendar. The event should be a blast.