Never missed a payment!

Utility in Bridgeton pays off original $1.25 million loan

Seated: directors Mark Dunn and Greg Holt. Standing: Administrative Assistant Judy Swindell, directors Tommy Dunn, Paul Gaskins, Doug Cowan, and First Craven Manager Ed Riggs, Jr.

BRIDGETON – First Craven Sanitary District is a Sanitary District government created and established by the North Carolina Commission for Health Services, Department of Human Resources on May 6, 1978. The Sanitary District was created to provide much needed public water service to the Town of Bridgeton and surrounding areas after a petition was presented “comprising of a total of 23 pages of signatures, purporting to be 51% or more of resident freeholders within the proposed Sanitary District.” 

The water system first produced water on November 3, 1982 and served approximately 800 accounts.  The $1.25 million water bond, voted in favor for by the people in 1979, issued in 1982, and payable over 40 years, was officially paid in full at the District Board’s May 2021 meeting.

Today, the District boundaries and water system have grown to include all of Township 2 of Craven County, except for the Fairfield Harbor Community. The water system now serves a population of over 6,000 residents with over 2,500 accounts. The District is not tax-funded; it relies solely on revenue generated from the sale of water.  At present, the staff consist of 4 full-time employees. The District is governed by the Sanitary District Board of Directors, who are elected and serve 4-year terms.  

The goal of the District has always been to provide the community with a safe and dependable supply of drinking water at a reasonable price.  At the 1982 dedication the motto “service to the people of this District” was used and it is still true to this day.