NC Attorney General attempts to impede Concealed Carry training

By Paul Valone | News Analysis

Editor’s note: Mr. Valone is Director of Grass Roots North Carolina, a Raleigh-based nonprofit, which thwarts efforts to undermine the Second Amendment.

RALEIGH – As you may recall, in a move mimicking Joe Biden’s abuse of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives to harass gun owners and dealers, North Carolina’s anti-gun Attorney General, Josh Stein, and his Department of Justice are scheming to unilaterally – and perhaps illegally –undermine training for NC Concealed Handgun Permits.

On June 23, Concealed Handgun Permit instructors received a memo announcing changes, which will make it harder for permit applicants to receive required training. Although the NC Criminal Justice Standards Division, which reports to Stein, is holding a token public meeting on August 9, the memo stated the changes are already drawn up without public comment as required by N.C.G.S. 150B-21.2, saying: “These changes will take effect on October 1, 2023. Below is a summary of the changes that are being made by the Commission…”

Stein wants gun owner registration

Even worse than the “Pre-Delivery Report” requirement, under which instructors would be forbidden to plan classes less than 30 days in advance, Stein’s proposal would require an auditable list of concealed handgun students to be maintained by instructors, creating a defacto gun owner registration system.

Many gun owners take concealed carry classes strictly for education, with no intention of getting a permit. Under Stein’s proposal, they would now be on a list available to the state. Anyone who thinks that won’t be abused is naive, as evidenced by Joe Biden’s ATF, under which inspectors are now photographing Federal Firearm Licenses bound books of Form 4473s to grow the illegal gun registry that ATF is creating.

Indeed, Stein’s proposal may be unconstitutional by virtue of infringing on your First Amendment right of association.

Make your voice heard on August 9

The public hearing on the changes will be held at 10am at the Wake Technical Community College, Public Safety Training Center, 321 Chapanoke Road in Raleigh. Yes, they set it during working hours, quite probably to suppress attendance. ATTEND ANYWAY!

County Compass readers should alert any friends and family who live in the Raleigh metropolitan area about this important public hearing.