Mother’s Roots In Oriental Inspire Dee Dee King’s May 12 Musical Tribute

Edith Adams – a beautiful, talented and brave young black woman – left Oriental in the early 1960s. Bound for New York City, she was full of hope and spirit, eager to pursue her dreams.

In March of 1965, things had come together. Her son’s first birthday was a festive affair in Brooklyn. Clearly the beloved Dee Dee was a child prodigy – as can be seen in these old photographs. Alas, tragedy and dismal times loomed.

When Dee Dee was 9, he tragically lost both his mother and grandmother. They were buried in Oriental on Mother’s Day of 1973.

With respect, hope, praise, and love for all mothers, Dee Dee is now a musical sensation. He invites you to attend his tribute to OUR mothers – wherever they may be!

Special ‘Can’t Miss’ Event for all Mothers at The Old Theater, 609 Broad Street in Oriental. Doors open 4:30pm on Sunday, May 12. Concert starts 5pm sharp. Treat your Mom and every Mom. Ideal for families of all ages – young and old! Seats are limited. Order yours today: Visit