Miracles Do Happen!

Jerry Marshall and Gladys Wright discovered each other by way of a missing Bible.

BAYBORO –  Most of us think Christian Book Stores are just a place to sell Bibles, books and other Christian items. Yes, you are absolutely right, but there is more  – miracles happen at Daily Bread Christian Book Store in Bayboro. Stop by anytime! In business for 35 years, owner Gladys Wright can reel off DOZENS of miracles.

“Some come in and get prayer and go out with a miracle,” explains Wright. “While Some come in to give a Word from God, or Receive a Word from God, and God always manifests Himself. I am saying all of this so that you can receive the latest testimony. God recently worked a miracle for a young man who heeded the Word, when he was told to come into our store.”

Gladys explains the sequence of events:

Thursday, February 10, 2022, a young man came into the store. He said he was on his way home and the Spirit of God told him to go back to the book store. Besides, he had lost his Bible and needed one. He came in and he said, “I have been intending to come, but this morning God let me know that today was the day to go and get me a Bible.”

Well, he got his Bible and we sat down to talk. If anyone has ever been to the Daily Bread Christian Book Store, you know it is hard to get away without first fellow-shipping with Jesus.

I found out he was a relative of mine whom I had never met. So we did a little family reminiscing and then he (Jerry Marshall) later told me the reason he needed a Bible. He said at the beginning of the year he traded in his car for a new model but inadvertently left his Bible in the trade-in. He called back a couple of times for it, but they could not locate a Bible. So, they is why he bought a Bible and a cover for the Good Book!

That night, after arriving home, I chatted with my husband William, and mentioned the missing Bible. Immediately, William asked: “I wonder if that is the same Bible the dealership gave to me?” I was surprised and responded with my own question: “A dealership gave you a Bible?” 

 “Yes, I walked in one day around the beginning of the year and a salesman said to me, ‘Do you want a Bible?’  I said, “I’ll take a Bible anytime!’”

I got back to the young man (he is my cousin). We rejoiced! I later hinted if Jerry had obeyed when God first told him to come to the Book Store, there would have been no need to purchase a second Bible. Now my cousin has two Bibles!  God is a God of increasing good fortune, am I right?

Editor’s note: This is just one miracle. Come and get yours!! Daily Bread Christian Book Store is owned and operated by Pastors William and Gladys Wright at 104 Main Street in Bayboro. Call them almost anytime at (252) 745-7244. Set up an appointment to browse and buy, or just visit. Also, be sure to ask Gladys about the miraculous opening in the stratosphere directly above Pamlico County – another one of those miracles, which she can explain!!