Military health numbers manipulated after hearing

Old data adjusted so 2021 no longer looks abnormal

WASHINGTON, DC – Whistleblowers within the Department of Defense have uncovered alarming criteria in the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database, pointing to a massive increase in sickness and injury diagnoses among military men and women in 2021 over previous years. When this came to light during a Jan. 24 hearing, a Pentagon spokesperson attributed it to a β€œglitch in the database.” 

The numbers have apparently been scrubbed to eliminate any unusual spikes, which might cause some to suspect adverse effects from the mandated vaccine. There was no tampering with the 2021 total, but numbers from previous years were dramatically increased – over a lightning fast period with little or no fanfare or explanation.Β 

Either way, it appears that a universe of young men and women – once thought to be in peak physical condition – are not as healthy as they should be.Β