LETTER TO CONGRESSMAN GREG MURPHY — Power grid cannot support Electric Vehicles

Michael Cole | Chocowinity, NC

Recently, Rep. Murphy asked for feedback from his constituents about the Biden Administration’s proposed highly restrictive emission standards for gas powered vehicles. Here is one response from Michael Cole of Chocowinity: 

This is without a doubt one of the dumbest things I’ve seen anyone come up with. There is a laundry list of things wrong with this. Such as:

– Cost of the vehicle. Right up front this pushes those most in need of affordable transportation out of the work force because they won’t be able to get to work.

– What moron would add additional load to an already over-taxed power grid? The nation’s power grid has trouble keeping up with the demands of the current load.

– Instead of spending our hard earned tax dollars to construct their stupid charging stations, how about helping the working class by fixing the economy?

– We KNOW our power grid is vulnerable to an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) This has been known since I was in the military over 50 years ago. If this nation is hit with ONE (and it will only take one)  ALL of our electric vehicles become scrap junk. Like the power grid they become toasted. A note here, the computers on many gas powered vehicles may also fry.

– Has anyone considered what will become of all those batteries when they become un-serviceable? Can you say “Land Fill?” What about the ground pollution from all that? Or is there an idiot somewhere saying we don’t need to worry about that?

These are just a few things on the tip of my tongue. If they are so very concerned about global pollution, why don’t they ground those jet-setters who fly around the globe in their private jets emitting millions of tons of pollutants while they demand that us working class people cut down our carbon footprint?