“Hey little Johnny! Or is it Joanna?”

Local schools move away from just the 3 R’s

Parents not notified if student (of any age) changes ‘gender assignment’

BAYBORO – Pamlico County School District reminds me of any typical family. We have our arguments, but in the end we are still a family. Despite the recent negative publicity surrounding our county schools, we can be proud of our students who have successfully participated in both academic and athletic competitions.

Several of our high school seniors have received scholarships to four-year year colleges thanks to the efforts of counselors, teachers and parents. Our curriculum does need updating to keep current with changes – not only in technology but in positive academic techniques – to allow our students to be competitive with students throughout the country.

This brings me to the purpose of this letter: THE CURRICULUM!

We all agree that the primary and intermediate schools need to provide a strong academic foundation in order for our middle and high school students to grasp the higher level mathematics and scientific courses. Our academic and athletic curriculums offer growth opportunities for all children regardless of their race, classification or gender.

Gender education does not need to be added to our existing health/physical education curriculum in our primary and intermediate level schools.

Some states are introducing lessons aimed at 6-year-old students that define gender, gender identity, and gender ‘role stereotypes.’ Professional development for primary level teachers includes having the teacher tell the students that their gender identity is up to them — not their family, doctors, or friends.

If you have not looked at the website Amaze.org, I recommend that you do so in order to learn first hand the material that is being disseminated to students and parents. Parents in California, Texas and New York have begun to complain that the school systems are starting to have students reconsider their orientation.

Catherine Truitt, North Carolina’s School Superintendent — in keeping with federal discrimination laws – acquiesced to LGBTQ activists, and ordered her department to stop listing students’ legal names on state records, instead using the students’ preferred names.

In other words, on school documents John Doe can now become Joanna Doe. Also, North Carolina allows any age student to change their gender assignment on school records without parental notification. California, on the other hand, at least requires that a student be 18 or older before any change.

Some facts about gender education in middle school (where students’ ages range from 10 to 14):

41.1 percent of North Carolina secondary schools taught students about sexual orientation in a required course in any of grades 6, 7, or 8.

43.6 percent of North Carolina secondary schools taught students about gender roles, gender identity, or gender expression in a required course in any of grades 6, 7, or 8.

Allowing students to either opt-in or opt-out of gender classes sets students up for even more bullying, when a majority of their classmates pick a different choice. By no means am I singling out students who are members of the LGBQT community. Everyone has a right to live their lives in a way that is comfortable for them and not harmful to the community.

We can’t put our heads in the sand and say gender education doesn’t exist, but at what level do we begin to introduce students to a less than traditional lifestyle? Sexual education is necessary! We all remember the ‘Just Say No’ campaign did not work. Only a curriculum that is respectful of parents and students, which is taught at the correct level for the student to maturely handle, is needed.

This year, we are voting for two openings on our local Board of Education. I recommend that you consider the candidates’ views on curriculum before you mark your ballots.



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