Hardest Exercise? Opening the Gym Door!

After that, it’s all gravy. (No biscuits)

Steven Eric (right) and Ben Wynne offer personal training at Champion Sports & Fitness in Bayboro.

By Steven Eric, Personal Trainer

BAYBORO – Hello, Folks! My name is Steven Eric – ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, originally from Brooklyn, New York, but now so happy to be living in Oriental, and blessed to be part of the ‘fitness family’ at Champion Sports & Fitness on Hwy. 55 in Bayboro.

I began my fitness journey in Marine Corps boot camp, and never looked back. It was a wonderful feeling of accomplishment. Needless to say, I kept it going. When I decided this was my passion, I began my education as a Personal Trainer. My profession has many aspects, some you may not realize.

A personal trainer engages in a synergistic pact with his/her client, forming a relationship from listening and learning on both sides. Together we go over goals, deciding the best way to achieve them. We consider diet, physical goals, prior injuries, and what we want to achieve.

It begins with opening that door at Champion Sports & Fitness! After 25 years in the industry, I am proud to be a part of Champion. We all have fun as we do this. Laughing and smiling is encouraged. If a client prefers, we can begin this journey in their home, or we can start at Champion.

Whether you join us or not, I am always eager to have a conversation or offer some suggestions. It is never too late to be in the best shape of your life, or to improve your fitness in the present. We welcome all ages and levels at Champion. We are child-friendly and will welcome you with a smile. Call or text me at (347) 666-2746 to schedule a tour and a free consultation / evaluation. If you prefer, send me an email: steverocco0187@gmail.com. Or, just stop by to say Hello!

We feature discounts for Seniors as well as our honored Veterans. Look for more fitness tips and pointers in an article next month.