Groundwater tough to swallow?

Groundwater can be difficult on water heaters, especially in Pamlico County. Despite its ‘lifetime warranty,’ this Whirlpool in the home of newspaper publisher Jeff Aydelette, recently suffered an untimely death – a victim of hard water pumped from the Castle Hayne aquifer.

RALEIGH – Here’s your chance to complain! Once every three years, state law requires regular reviews of groundwater water quality standards. Next week’s Feb. 2 public hearing is ‘virtual;’ however, written comments can also be submitted by email or through regular Postal Service channels.

Last week, this newspaper’s story about Pamlico County drinking water being pumped from the Castle Hayne aquifer triggered a lot of scuttlebutt. Here is your opportunity to officially contribute to the public dialogue! 

Suggestions gleaned from the public could possibly lead to revisions in groundwater quality standards as set by the Department of Environmental Quality’s Division of Water Resources!

Some proposed changes being considered include:

  • Adoption of a groundwater quality standard for 44 substances with established interim maximum allowable concentrations, some with revised values
  • Organization of the groundwater standards into a table
  • Addition of Chemical Abstracts Service Registry Numbers for the groundwater standards
  • A change in some units of measure to parts per billion (µg/L) (when appropriate)

Email comments to:  Or, mail your comments to:

Bridget Shelton

NC DEQ-DWR Planning Section

1611 Mail Service Center

Raleigh, NC 27699-1611