Everybody Else’s History | Believing this requires seeing!

Jake Rice hangs out with a life-size Indian Chief
On a door to her treasures, Lisa Rice has written: “May all who enter as Guests, leave as Friends.”

By Lisa Rice

ALLIANCE – This is the official launch for a series of articles in the County Compass. We’re calling it “Everybody Else’s History!” 

I feel honored to have been entrusted with a wide variety of items –  antiques, curiosities, and you-name-its. Much of it resides behind our house in what originally began as a ‘man cave’ for my husband, Jake Rice! 

Our collection began because Jake and I each came into our marriage with a few little treasures. They were from our individual histories and past experiences. The first item was Jake’s pool table. You see, I no longer wanted the pool table in the house. So, it made its way outside. Thus became the man cave. 

Eventually, some of our personal collection made its way out there also. And then, IT REALLY GREW!!!

Occasionally, people stop by to visit and to see our “stuff.” Sometimes, they think of something that they have – that we might like to have. We are always pleased with anything they might like to bring to us. From an antique refrigerator to an old John Deere wrench, we welcome every item. And, to every single person, we have given our word to never profit from their donations. 

We simply collect things because we like to, and because we hope to preserve a little bit of history! If anyone in their family should ever want the items back, we will return them. Remember, it is their history, not ours. 

When people come to visit us, they think they are going to be here about 15 minutes. Usually, they are here an hour or two. They walk around and point out things they remember from their childhoods, or things from jobs they once had. Some people see things they remember from their grandmothers’ kitchens, or things they’d wished for in earlier times. 

Things they remember from the hardest times in their lives to the happiest times in their lives. Always they remember with smiles. Over the next few months, I will share a few things with you here on the pages of the County Compass. I might even ask you if you know what a certain item is!

I invite you to come see us sometime. I think you will leave pleasantly surprised. You might even want to drop something off – entrusted to us –  that someone in your family once enjoyed. It can be added to “Everybody Else’s History.”

We are located at 828 Mill Pond Road, near the sign that says ‘Alliance City Limit.’  Come by any Friday between 10 to 5, or any other day you want to take a chance that we will be home. We usually are. Or, call ahead at (252) 675-7489. Next week, I hope you enjoy my look at a very unique item from Everybody Else’s History!!