Opinion piece captures mood of many

Bill Garrison (right) admires hard-working, positive people like Barry Monk of Aggie’s Restaurant! However, Garrison suggests in this article that people like Monk are becoming harder to find in today’s world.

By Bill Garrison

Definition: To attain, achieve, as much as needed or allowed. The amount desired or allowed to reach a goal.

I am going to describe ‘enough’ as used for negative achievement. Something many of us in this great country have recently excelled at:

  • Enough Character Assassination (Bullyism) 
  • Enough Political (Lies & Hyperbole)
  • Enough Greed (Enough said)
  • Enough racism (From everyone)
  • Enough ignorance (Due to laziness)
  • Enough Whining (Way, way too much)

Character Assassination is the most destructive tool of the “me generation.” Electronic devices have become the most cowardly way of bullying. To malign someone’s character by innuendo, or lies, or conjecture is worse, in many ways, than physical bullying.

I grew up in a different time and place. It seemed a simpler time. I don’t remember who taught be the following, but I live by it today:

“If you are physically bigger and stronger, you have a duty to help those with less strength. If you are intellectually advanced, you have a duty to help those who are not.”

This is a simple credo, but honesty that is appreciated. 

If you see a bully, you have a duty to interfere whether that be electronically, or physically. Enough said!

Enough politics. Watching Congress in action is an exercise in frustration. You would think that these men and women – duly elected – were capable of governing in an honest and forthright manner. Unfortunately, they have done nothing of lasting consequence. The aisle that separates them might as well be a ‘wall’ of ignorance and deceit. Enough already!

Enough greed at all levels. It seems that ‘gaming the system’ is okay with everybody. This is true for all of us – OUR ENTIRE SOCIETY. From welfare to tax evasion, it is all fair game. Will we ever get back to being honest about our needs?  The desperately poor and the obnoxious wealthy are equally at fault. Enough! There must be a better, more equitable solution. 

Enough racism. What are we going to hate or object to in one thousand years when, through inter-marriage, we are all the same color? Interesting question, bu the answer is quite simple. As human beings, there will always be a part of the human race that will hate, be greedy, be ready for war. Read history of the past thousand years and it will be evident that we haven’t come very far. Enough, I pray for enlightenment. 

Enough ignorance. There is no earthly reason why we should continue to live in ignorance. All of the above thoughts lead me to the obvious conclusion. Ignorance is a lazy state of mind. We, in the United States, have become morally and intellectually lazy. We do not seem to aspire to a higher level of intellectual accomplishment. Enough! Get our children – all of them – back in school.

Finally, enough whining! Please no more ‘woe is me.’ Get up, get out, get on with life. Enough. 

Editor’s note: Mr. Garrison is a retired insurance executive from Connecticut, who now lives near Aurora with his wife Phyllis.