Election ‘faked’ says Lindell | ‘My Pillow’ founder promises proof!

Mike Lindell

Alex Jones of infowars.com interviewed Mike Lindell of ‘My Pillow’ fame on the day after President Trump’s rally in Ohio. Did you happen to see it?  I found the content fascinating.

In the interview, Lindell says he has  “packet captures” for all the votes in all 50 states for the entire election. He also says he is planning to announce a “cyber symposium” (perhaps as early as July 4), which will be held in August in a venue to accommodate at least 5,000 people.

Lindell also said he plans to invite hundreds of experts with “CISS feed credentials,” or at least I thought that’s what he said.  When I asked a friend who has experience with such things, she said it was probably really, “CISSP” as that is a credential given to folks who have proven via passing an exam that they know a certain amount about cyber security.  The letters stand for “Certified Information Systems Security Professional.”

Lindell said that he also plans to invite all the media (American and from other ountries), all our US Senators and Representatives, states’ attorneys general and other state officials, internet “fact checkers” (from Facebook and the like), and Bill Barr. Yes, he mentioned Bill Barr specifically by name.

At the symposium, Lindell says he plans to show attendees PROOF THAT THE ELECTION OUTCOME WAS FAKED, and demonstrate HOW it was done with Dominion, Smartmatic, and ES&S machines. 

He plans to have members of the audience participate  in a mock election, then ask them what outcome they’d like to see, and produce it in front of them.

Further, Lindell said he has 100 percent proof and stated that it is NOT SUBJECTIVE.

Lindell said that he plans to file a lawsuit with the Supreme Court right after the symposium.  He added that we’ll HAVE THE PRESIDENT BACK IN THE WHITE HOUSE BY AUTUMN. 

When Alex Jones asked him what makes him think the Supreme Court will accept the case, or if it does, produce a proper outcome,  Lindell replied that all the publicity before and during the symposium will focus American citizens’ and the world’s attention on what happened.  “I’m going to take it to the people,” he said. 

Then, my friends, the ball will be in OUR court.  What will you do?  Do you want to know my preference?  I want to see Lindell’s project successfully completed (by the way, he’s paying for all this out of his own pocket), his court case filed, and then “we the people” peacefully demonstrate in masses at the Supreme Court and in or near every city and town in the USA continuously until the Court has dealt with the suit appropriately, and President Trump is back in the White House!